IS Applications Planning 23/24 to 27/28

November 2022 Update

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About Applications Project Planning 2023/24 - 2027/28

Each year the Applications Directorate delivers a wide variety of projects, supporting business and IT change across the University.  To help us to understand demand for our resources, and to plan and prioritise projects, we undertake an annual planning process using a 5 year planning horizon: 

  • We allocate £1.4M each year to projects that are focused on supporting central IT systems.  We ask our partners to work with us to develop proposals to bid for this funding.  We describe this as core funded work.    
  • We also undertake a significant amount of funded work – we describe this as sponsor funded.  We support our partners in bidding for funds through local or University planning processes, working with them to develop high quality proposals that make the case for change. 

Our planning activities for 2023/24 – 2027/28 are now underway and our Portfolio and Programme Managers will be in touch with our existing Portfolio and Programme owners to discuss potential projects with a particular focus on project proposals for 2023/24.  If you do not have an existing contact, and would like to participate in the process, the attached guide to our project planning includes a full list of contacts and I am also available to answer any questions you may have.

Our planning timeline is as follows:


Planning timeline


Note – CF is core funded and SF is sponsor funded.



We have made two key changes to our process this year:

  1. First version of the prioritised core funded plan will be available in December 2022

  • In the past we have published an unprioritised list of proposals in December, and then published our prioritised plan in July. 
  • The delay in publication has enabled us to secure additional funding, increasing our core funded capacity by £350K. 
  • We have now made these additional funds a standard part of our core funded budget, increasing it to £1.4M and enabling us to publish our first version of the prioritised plan in December. 
  • We anticipate that some changes will be made following our consultation in January, and we will publish an updated plan in February 2023 as noted in our timeline, with a final version available in July 2023.
  1. Our core funded plan will be published in 3 sections

  • Our plan is a combination of projects which take place on an annual or bi-annual basis, projects which take place over multiple years, and new projects. 
  • Each year we have a consultation in January and we can find ourselves talking about the same repeating or continuing projects which we have already prioritised as part of an earlier consultation. 
  • We have therefore decided that this year we will publish the plan in 3 sections:
  1. Section 1 – Repeating Projects – available now
  2. Section 2 – Continuing Projects – first version available in December
  3. Section 3 – New Projects – first version available in December, this will be the focus of our consultation