Corporate Services Group (CSG) 14/15

Portfolio Projects

Code Title RAG RAG Date Manager Programme
FIN102 eExpenses Phase 2 BLUE September 2015 Dawn Holmes Finance (FIN)
CSG006 OPAS Migration BLUE January 2016 Chris Konczak CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
FIN104 Supporting Scan and Destroy Policy Using Serengeti BLUE July 2016 Dawn Holmes Finance (FIN)
FIN105 FRS102 changes to financial reporting BLUE August 2015 David Watters Finance (FIN)
FIN106 ALBACS Replacement BLUE May 2016 Anne Mathison Finance (FIN)
PPP005 Insurance application re-development BLUE January 2016 Sally Hayward Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed)
PPP002 Online Payslips and P60s BLUE May 2017 Morna Findlay Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed)
EST085 Deister Key Management System BLUE April 2015 Andrew Stewart Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
EST084 Estates Department Document Management BLUE May 2016 Anne Mathison Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
PPP003 HR and Payroll Annual Maintenance 14/15 BLUE July 2015 Anne Mathison Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed)
PPS002 Research Equipment Procurement Asset Register BLUE October 2013 Morna Findlay Z. Procurement (PPS)
CSG005 RETAIN Enhancements BLUE July 2015 Dawn Holmes CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
FIN103 Launchpad phase 3 (eAuthorisations) BLUE July 2015 Jill Nicoll Finance (FIN)
PPS008 eCommerce Implementation (PPS008) BLUE February 2017 Chris Lawford Z. Procurement (PPS)
RES059 PURE Upgrades 2015 BLUE August 2015 Jill Nicoll Z. Research (RES) (closed August 2017)
RES060 PGR Feed to PURE BLUE September 2017 Kevin Brennan Research Information Systems (RIS)
SAS001 PURE Database Migration BLUE February 2015 Sally Hayward Z. Research (RES) (closed August 2017)
CSG003 Enhancements for AIR BLUE February 2015 Karen Stirling CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
EST083 Estates and Building Financial Management Process Review - Phase 2 BLUE October 2016 Ben Armstrong Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
CSG004 Health and Safety Department Database Migration BLUE July 2015 Ben Armstrong CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
EST086 Archibus 21.3 upgrade BLUE July 2015 Chris Konczak Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
EST082 Migration of Estates Application Servers BLUE February 2015 Mark Lang Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
RES053 RMAS Environment/EASE BLUE September 2014 Stephanie Ruthven Z. Research Management and Administration System (RMAS) (closed August 2016)
HRS080 Capture Staff Levels in Oracle HR & Payroll BLUE September 2014 Anne Mathison Human Resources (HRS)
HRS079 RTI and AE Minor Enhancements BLUE October 2014 Anne Mathison Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed)
HRS081 Migrate Oracle HR & Payroll Database to new Infrastructure BLUE January 2015 David Watters Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed)
EST075 Estates and Buildings Department Financial Management Process Review BLUE October 2014 Andrew Stewart Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
EST074 E&B Compliance Management System BLUE November 2014 Andrew Stewart Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
EST071 Waste Management System BLUE September 2014 Andrew Stewart Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
EST079 Trend 963 Supervisor Server Migration (BEMS) BLUE November 2014 Anne Mathison Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
EST080 Estates Department Help Desk BLUE June 2017 Andrew Stewart Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
EST081 Schenider Sigma BEMS Upgrade BLUE January 2015 Neil Grant Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST)
PPP001 Parental calculations analysis and Athena Swan requirements BLUE January 2016 Morna Findlay Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed)
FIN098 eExpenses replacement BLUE June 2015 Dawn Holmes Finance (FIN)
FIN086 ePay Reconciliation BLUE October 2015 Jill Nicoll Finance (FIN)
FIN099 Essential Enhancements for Finance Applications 2014/15 BLUE July 2015 Stephanie Ruthven Finance (FIN)
FIN081 Document Management for Finance BLUE October 2014 Karen Stirling Finance (FIN)
FIN101 SSO/Launchpad (phase 2) BLUE September 2015 Morna Findlay Finance (FIN)
FIN097 Purging and Archiving for eFinancials BLUE November 2014 Morna Findlay Finance (FIN)
FIN100 ABS Systems Patching for Java 7 BLUE November 2014 Ben Armstrong Finance (FIN)
HRS078 Moving eRecruitment database to New Corporate Infrastructure BLUE August 2014 Anne Mathison Human Resources (HRS)
FIN094 SAAS/SLC Fees Reconciliation BLUE July 2015 Dawn Holmes Finance (FIN)
PPS007 Procurement Website Developments BLUE October 2014 Dawn Holmes Z. Procurement (PPS)
ACS033 Student Application System - Enhanced Student Data Feed to Accommodation Services BLUE April 2016 Colin Forrest Accommodation Catering and Events (ACE)
HRS077 Improved Reporting from Oracle HR & Payroll System BLUE August 2017 Nikki Stuart Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed)
RES057 RMAS Worktribe - PURE Integration BLUE May 2017 Karen Stirling Research Information Systems (RIS)
ACS034 Uniware Cashless Catering Feed BLUE November 2015 Andrew Stewart Accommodation Catering and Events (ACE)

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Emma Mcnab
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