Corporate Services Group (CSG) 19/20

Portfolio Projects

Code Title RAG RAG Date Manager Programme
ACS042 Delivered Catering Procurement BLUE May 2021 Andrew Stewart Accommodation Catering and Events (ACE)
CSG016 Industry Relationship Management (IRM) Service BLUE March 2020 Kevin Hone CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
CSG015 Risk Management System Procurement AMBER May 2021 Andrew Stewart CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
HAS006 COSHH Health Passport System (CHPS) Enhancements BLUE August 2019 Kevin Hone Health & Safety (HAS)
HAS007 Cardinus SSO and Account Provisioning BLUE June 2020 Andrew Stewart Health & Safety (HAS)
HAS005 Fire Safety Management System Procurement BLUE September 2019 Richard Bailey Health & Safety (HAS)
FIN133 Corporate Planner Upgrade BLUE October 2019 Kevin Hone Finance (FIN)
FIN132 HR and Payroll Annual Maintenance 19/20 BLUE June 2020 Anne Mathison Finance (FIN)
FIN131 Pension Scheme Changes BLUE January 2020 Ben Armstrong Finance (FIN)
FIN130 Essential Updates to Finance Systems for Security BLUE July 2020 Kevin Hone Finance (FIN)
FIN129 PCI DSS Audit BLUE September 2019 Kevin Hone Finance (FIN)
FIN128 FPM Upgrade BLUE January 2020 Kevin Hone Finance (FIN)
FIN127 Finance General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) BLUE November 2020 Anne Mathison Finance (FIN)
FIN126 Essential Finance System Compliance Updates and Document Revitalisation BLUE January 2020 Ken Miller Finance (FIN)
FIN119 eInvoicing BLUE May 2020 Emma Mcnab Finance (FIN)

Portfolio Info

Corporate Services Group (CSG)
Portfolio Manager
Emma Mcnab
Business Contact
David Montgomery