Digital Research Services 18/19


Through consultation with Colleges on initial proposal concepts and through consideration of service improvements, the following proposals have been developed. 

These proposals are largely stand-alone, with no inter-dependence and have been constructed in this way to provide the greatest flexibility in prioritising the programme.

The programme is governed by the DRS Steering Group

  •  a senior researcher from each College, able to represent the broad research interests of the College; to provide the link to the College Research Committee
  •  A senior IT representative from each College (such as Head of College IT or College Chief Information Officer); to provide the link to the College IT Committee;
  •  Director, Bayes Centre;
  •  Director of Research, Edinburgh Futures Institute;
  •  Director of Research, Usher Institute;
  •  Director of EPCC;
  •  Director of Research Support Office;
  •  Director of IT Infrastructure as DRS lead;
  •  the Chief Information Officer.

Portfolio Projects

Interest Projects

Code Title RAG RAG Date Manager Programme
RSS031 DRS Outreach Phase II BLUE January 2019 Maurice Franceschi ITI - Research Services (RSS)
RSS035 Collaborative development of Storage Manager  BLUE August 2018 Peter Sanderson ITI - Research Services (RSS)

Portfolio Info

Digital Research Services
Portfolio Manager
Maurice Franceschi
Business Contact
Anthony Weir