The Digital Transformation Portfolio is a set of programmes and projects which will use digital technology to change fundamentally the way in which many University services are delivered to students and staff. Digital Transformation programmes and projects will leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impacts in a strategic and prioritised way to:

  • Deliver more people-oriented, student-centric, agile, innovative and efficient services
  • Drive continuous optimisation across processes, functions, organisation and systems
  • Support a culture of evidence and  predictive decision-making
  • Leverage our information systems, data assets and support services to provide a rich and satisfying experience for our students and staff
  • Support world class teaching and research activities that embrace the availability of data and technologies
  • Underpin a digital education experience including online programmes that widen access to an Edinburgh education beyond  the city
  • Enable solutions that make it easy for our staff to use and share the information we create to drive efficiency, enhance student experience, identify new research opportunities, and operate our estate mere effectively
  • Support the drive towards a digital culture at the University

Digital Transformation is a part of a wider set of activities aimed at encouraging the use of digital technology and improving digital literacy; setting standards and principles; and providing cross cutting services and platforms that underpin and enable services transformation through Service Excellence, Core Systems and other strategic University initiatives.

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Digital Transformation (DTI)
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Stephen Roy
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Gavin McLachlan

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