The Estates Systems Partnership between Estates and ISG will develop and maintain an optimised and fully supported series of IT systems, data and business processes which are fully aligned with Estates operational and strategic goals. 

The portfolio enables Estates and ISG to adopt a more holistic approach to project delivery which  recognises the inter-connectedness of projects to ensure our incremental initiatives which individually and collectively deliver long term gains. In delivering this portfolio will deliver quick wins and an incremental approach alongside more substantial project activities with greater benefits alongside higher costs, complexity and risks.

Our current priorities include:

  1. Ensuring Estates business readiness for the successful adoption of People and Money (P&M) in Summer 2022 
  2. Re-establishing full supplier support for the Archibus Facilities Management system through a comprehensive upgrade to be completed after the roll out of P&M   
  3. Reviewing and optimisation of the individual  IT systems which underpin and enable Estates functions to improve functionality, integration and data quality whilst removing any unnecessary duplication 
  4. Ensuring all Estates IT systems remain up to date and protected from technology obsolescence 
  5. Preparing for the procurement and implementation of a new Facilities Management solution from August 2023 
  6. Full engagement with strategic initiatives that impact on Estates and our IT systems including P&M, Digital Strategy and Digital Estate

This is a long term partnership which will deliver substantial benefits for both partners and the wider University. 


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Estates Systems Partnership
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Mark Ritchie
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Zoe Stephens

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