The Estates Transformation Portfolio seeks to develop an optimised series of systems, processes and teams which are aligned with Estates strategic goals. 

The Estates IS Roadmap document presents a longer term approach covering the period until July 2021. This includes the projects already included in the ISG Plan 2018-2021 and presents these in a more strategic and Estates-focused context. This allows us to more formally connect these projects to create a series of incremental initiatives that deliver long term gains. In delivering this programme we will favour quick wins and an incremental approach rather than undertaking massive activities with higher risks and large-scale, immediate resource commitments.

Estates Transformation Strategy and Execution

The priorities for Estates Transformation are:

  1. Procurement and implementation of a comprehensive and fully integrated Estates Capital Planning and Project Management solution (EPPM)
  2. Review and optimisation of the IT systems which underpin and enable Estates functions to improve functionality, remove unnecessary duplication and applying the benefits introduced by Digital Transformation, Service Excellence and Core Systems programmes
  3. Building upon closer integration between Estates, ISG, Finance, HR and other central operations enabled by Core Business Systems developments
  4. Stabilisation, remediation and maintenance of current systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness

To deliver these priorities we propose four distinct programmes of work. These are shown in the diagram below


Estates IS Partnership approach

Co-ordination across projects to minimise the business impact on Estates and maximise the value gained from a re-usable, best-practise approach to deliver new solutions which achieve strategic business and IT benefits.  Design of business-ready solutions including systems optimisation, process standardisation and efficiency, and team development.  EPPM will be the first project to benefit from this new approach.

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Estates IS Transformation Portfolio
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Mark Ritchie
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Zoe Stephens

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