Information Services Group Innovation Portfolio is a set of projects which will improve IS services by:

  • increasing student satisfaction 
  • decreasing costs
  • increasing quality
  • addressing gaps.

The projects have been suggested by IS staff and have been prioritised against a £750,000 budget. £250,000 by the CIO and £500,000 by the Directors.

The complete portfolio is available here - ISG Innovation Projects 15/16 The individual programmes for 2015/16 are available at the links below:


Each ISG innovation project will have the following information on the Projects Web Site:

  • A project records
  • A completed front page and project brief (these can be a cut and pasted from the original innovation proposal)
  • At least one milestone corresponding to delivery or closure
  • A report each month including an overall RAG status


Each project will also be reported monthly on the ISG SMT Project Focus spreadsheet. If you would like more information about the ISG Innovation initiative click here

Portfolio Info

Information Services Group Innovation (ISI)
Portfolio Manager
Simon Marsden
Business Contact
Rhian Davies

Portfolio Dashboard