The University has an ambitious agenda to improve its position in world higher education rankings, through expanding its research, enhancing its student experience and increasing its overall impact through knowledge exchange and commercialisation.

In addition, its vision for 2025 includes challenging targets in:

*             Digital education with taught online undergraduate, postgraduate and flexible PhDs;

*             Data driven research;

*             Internationalisation - deep partnerships with peer universities and overseas experience for students.


This agenda is not feasible without a robust IT infrastructure that:

*             underpins a very wide range of services;

*             has the capacity to meet the University's growing needs;

*             which is available 24 x 365.


This portfolio is being set up to plan and manage the programmes and projects that will deliver that vision over the next ten years.

The portfolio structure will reflect the planned division of IT Infrastructure into four domains (each with its own programme) and, within each programme/domain, we will use the standard IT industry "Run, Grow and Transform" model to differentiate activities as represented by the projects.    

Go to the 2018/19 session (using the link below) for details on the objectives, programmes and projects for this year.





Portfolio Info

IT Infrastructure Division (ITI)
Portfolio Manager
Maurice Franceschi
Business Contact
Anthony Weir