Report for August 2018

Report by Muriel Mewissen for  Sheila Fraser (MVM Portfolio Manager) and Catherine Elliot (MVM Portfolio Owner)
and Jim Nisbet (MVMBUS Programme Owner), Philippa Burrell (MVMLAT Programme Owner), and Charles ffrench-Constant and Paul McGuire (MVMRes Programme Owners)

Portfolio Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


This new 2018/19 session starts with 16 ongoing projects, 8 are project managed by Project Services staff, 8 by MVM staff. Two new projects are currently undergoing initiation. Another 16 projects proposed in previous sessions are to be reviewed and prioritised, either for this session or for a future session.



Ongoing projects

(started in previous session)

New projects to be initiated

Proposal to be prioritised

(projects proposed in previous sessions)

MVM Business Administration
  1. MVM508 CMVM Staff and Visitor print consolidation
  2. MVM509 Implementation of Vet Practice Management System (with IS PM)
  3. MVM522 MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery (with IS PM)
  4. MVM523 Pilot project for WHO's OFF online Staff Leave Management
  5. MVM525 Procurement of a Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) System for the Vet School (with IS PM)
  1. MVM526 Zhejiang Institute Repository
  1. MVM505 CMVM IT Finance costs portfolio
  2. MVM507 Risk, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  3. MVM510 CMVM Digital literacy staff and student development
  4. MVM514 CMVM Bioquarter Infrastructure & IT Services Development
  5. MVM516 IS - Honours Project Portal move to central resources
  6. MVM520 UoE Staff card printing facility at the BioQuarter
MVM Learning & Teaching
  1. MVM105 Strategy for the upgrade of our teaching spaces (annual)
  2. MVM112 Technology to support simulation teaching
  3. MVM121 Reporting of assessment outcomes to external bodies (with IS PM)
  4. MVM127 Upgrading of teaching spaces 2017/18
  5. MVM129 Support for OSCEs in Practique for MBChB (with IS PM)
  1. MVM102 Innovative Technology review
  2. MVM103 Mobile Device Management
  3. MVM106 Student print strategy
  4. MVM109 Technology to support communications with potential students.
  5. MVM110 Technology to support Open Educational Resources (OER)
  6. MVM113 Technology to support student portfolios
  7. MVM116 Video strategy
  8. MVM125 Connectivity - Off-campus 2017/18
  9. MVM126 Upgrading of student computer labs 2017/18
MVM Research
  1. MVM302 Compute and High Performance Compute strategy
  2. MVM305 Flexible Server hosting
  3. MVM306 Network IT improvements
  4. MVM308 Research computing induction (to move to IS PM)
  5. MVM314 SEBI - Data Collection and Modelling (with IS PM)
  6. MVM315 REACH (with IS PM)
  1. MVM316 Research Data Storage
  1. MVM309 Scientific administration process enhancements

The monthly reports for the programmes are available below:


IS Apps Resources to end August 2018

NB: The chart below only shows IS Apps resources.


CMVM had a budget of 150 ring fenced days for 18/19:


Forward Look - August 2018