Report for September 2019

Report by Muriel Mewissen for  Sheila Fraser (MVM Portfolio Manager) and Catherine Elliot (MVM Portfolio Owner)
and Jim Nisbet (MVMBUS Programme Owner), Philippa Burrell (MVMLAT Programme Owner), and Charles ffrench-Constant and Paul McGuire (MVMRes Programme Owners)

Portfolio Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


One new project was started in MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT) to support continuing work with Practique online assessment application. This will implement Admissions for MBChB, and pilot OSCEs for Vets and written exams for BMTO:

During September, the most active projects were:

  1. MVM316 Fragile X Registry website
  2. MVM509 Implementation of Vet Practice Management System (with IS PM)
  3. MVM316 Practique Roll-Out

There are 13 ongoing projects, 7 are managed by Project Services staff, 6 by MVM Staff.

The following project proposed in previous sessions in MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT) are removed from this session and will be reviewed in future sessions:

  1. MVM102 Innovative Technology review
  2. MVM106 Student print strategy
  3. MVM109 Technology to support communications with potential students.
  4. MVM110 Technology to support Open Educational Resources (OER)
  5. MVM113 Technology to support student portfolios

Most of the AMBER project status are due to delay in closure or initiation caused by lasck of availbility of key stakeholders.

The monthly reports for the programmes are available below:

Please note that the project RAG status is following the revised guidelines: A one-page summary of the IS RAG status indicators is available on this page.


IS Apps Resources to end September 2019

NB: The chart below only shows IS Apps resources.

CMVM had a budget of 150 ring fenced days for 19/20 which has been allocated as such:

This leaves 19 days of College Ring Fenced days to be allocated.


Forward Look - September 2019