MVM Business Administration (MVMBUS) 19/20

This portfolio provides an overview of all projects related to the MVM Business Administration area of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Portfolio for the current 19/20 session.

More detailed information on the projects directly owned and managed by MVMBUS is available from the MVMBUS Session 19/20 Programme page.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) portfolio is of particular interest and grouped all projects with GDPR elements. Note that some of GDPR projects are private.

Interest Projects

Code Title RAG RAG Date Manager Programme
DTI053 Online and Digital Events Service BLUE September 2020 Susan Ridder-Patrick Digital Transformation - Online and Digital Events Programme (DTIODE)
DTI052 Digital Strategy and Adoption in a Post Covid-19 World AMBER March 2023 Stephen Roy Digital Strategy
DTI051 Zoom Enterprise Implementation GREEN September 2020 Stephen Roy Digital Transformation - Building Digital Culture
COM051 Office 365 Security Hardening BLUE July 2021 Sue Woodger ISG - Communication (COM)
COM052 C-Host Infrastructure Replacement BLUE June 2020 Mark Downey ISG - Communication (COM)
CSG016 Industry Relationship Management (IRM) Service BLUE March 2020 Kevin Hone CSG Portfolio Projects (OTHCSG)
DTI018 Continuous Service Improvement APIs AMBER July 2020 Ken Miller Digital Transformation - Enterprise APIs (DTIP03)
DTI026 API Gateway and API Management Tool AMBER May 2020 Ken Miller Digital Transformation - Enterprise APIs (DTIP03)
DTI047 EDW Access and Authorisation BLUE December 2022 Jamie Thin People and Money BI/MI Datamarts (DTIP011)
ENT010 Private Cloud Provisioning BLUE December 2019 Graeme Wood ITI - Enterprise Services (ENT)
EST109 Estates Strategic Reporting - Space & Maintenance Mgmt BLUE July 2020 Josephine McDonald Z. Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST) - Closed
EST110 Estates Document Management System GREEN April 2020 Josephine McDonald Z. Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST) - Closed
FIN133 Corporate Planner Upgrade BLUE October 2019 Kevin Hone Finance (FIN)
HSS033 Centre for Open Learning - Business Process and Systems Review BLUE February 2021 Andrew Stewart CAHSS Portfolio Projects
HSS034 Visitor Registration System (VRS) bulk upload and creation BLUE May 2020 Susan Ridder-Patrick CAHSS Portfolio Projects
INF146 Migration of SVN to GIT June 2020 Frankie Quinn ISG - IS Applications Infrastructure (INF)
INF151 Encryption at Rest Rollout (Multiyear 1 of 2) BLUE October 2021 David Watters ISG - IS Applications Infrastructure (INF)
INF152 Coldfusion Upgrades CF11 BLUE July 2021 Sue Woodger ISG - IS Applications Infrastructure (INF)
INF155 Annual Infrastructure Rationalisation Decommissioning BLUE March 2020 Mark Downey ISG - IS Applications Infrastructure (INF)
ISG016 Identity and Access Management (IDAM) Strategy BLUE February 2020 Adam Wadee ISG Portfolio Projects (OTHISG)
MVM516 BMS - Honours Project Portal Future Support BLUE October 2020 Andrew Millington MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
RIS014 REF2021 Data Requirements Implementation BLUE November 2020 Tim Gray Research Information Systems (RIS)
SCE017 Deployment of Open Computer and Software Inventory BLUE September 2021 Alan Donald SCE Portfolio Projects (OTHSCE)
STU257 Privacy Impact Assessment Tool (GDPR Requirement) BLUE December 2019 Andrew Stewart Student Services (STU)
TEL050 Academic Blogging Service BLUE October 2019 Sonali Nakhate ISG - Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
TEL063 upgrade to Linkedin Learning BLUE February 2020 Kevin Hone ISG - Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Portfolio Info

MVM Business Administration (MVMBUS)
Portfolio Manager
Muriel Mewissen
Business Contact
Mark Hay