MVM Research (MVMRES) 20/21

This portfolio provides an overview of all projects related to the MVM Research area of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Portfolio for the current 20/21 session.

More detailed information on the projects directly owned and managed by MVMRes is available from the MVMRes Session 20/21 Programme page.

Portfolio Projects

Code Title RAG RAG Date Manager Programme
MVM318 DataLoch application process Laura Woods-Dunlop MVM Research (MVMRES)
MVM311 CMVM Data Storage Strategy BLUE February 2021 Muriel Mewissen MVM Research (MVMRES)
MVM305 Flexible Server hosting GREEN March 2024 Doug Redpath MVM Research (MVMRES)
MVM317 Lothian Health Board Framework Agreement Implementation AMBER March 2024 Muriel Mewissen MVM Research (MVMRES)

Interest Projects

Code Title RAG RAG Date Manager Programme
DTI018 Continuous Service Improvement APIs AMBER July 2020 Ken Miller Digital Transformation - Enterprise APIs (DTIP03)
DTI053 Online and Digital Events Service BLUE September 2020 Susan Ridder-Patrick Digital Transformation - Online and Digital Events Programme (DTIODE)
DTI051 Zoom Enterprise Implementation GREEN September 2020 Stephen Roy Digital Transformation - Building Digital Culture
COM056 Accessibility Statements BLUE October 2020 Sue Woodger ISG - Communication (COM)
DTP001 Apps Ed BLUE November 2020 Gail Devaney ITI - Desktop Services (DST)
RIS017 Worktribe Upgrade v2020.7 BLUE December 2020 Anne Mathison Research Information Systems (RIS)
DTI056 Virtual Visits BLUE December 2020 Richard Bailey Digital Transformation - Online and Digital Events Programme (DTIODE)
DLIB006 Library Databases and Licensed Content – User Discovery and Access analysis BLUE January 2021 Alex Ross Z. Digital Transformation - Digital Library (Closed)
HSS033 Centre for Open Learning - Business Process and Systems Review BLUE February 2021 Andrew Stewart CAHSS Portfolio Projects
MLE008 Media Hopper Replay Year 4 BLUE March 2021 Colin Forrest ISG - Lecture Recording (MLE)
COM051 Office 365 Security Hardening BLUE July 2021 Sue Woodger ISG - Communication (COM)
INF143 MySQL Environment Migration BLUE August 2021 Frankie Quinn ISG - IS Applications Infrastructure (INF)
USG018 Mapping International Data Transfer BLUE October 2021 David Watters USG Portfolio Projects (OTHUSG)
DTI057 EventsAir - Embed and Optimise BLUE May 2022 Andrew Stewart Digital Transformation - Online and Digital Events Programme (DTIODE)
DTP009 Windows 10 Pilot to Full Service Transition to Staff BLUE June 2022 Maurice Franceschi ITI - Windows 10 Upgrade for Managed Desktops (W10)
USG016 Signal to PURE Application GREEN March 2024 Alan Donald USG Portfolio Projects (OTHUSG)

Portfolio Info

MVM Research (MVMRES)
Portfolio Manager
Muriel Mewissen
Business Contact
Mark Hay