Research Information Management changes frequently, with changes to Research Excellence Framework, Open Access requirements and increasing demand from Research Funders and our own researchers.  

Pure and the service that it offers needs to be kept up to date. This can be achieved by taking the major version releases of Pure each year.

Additionally, Pure will only support redundant features for one year following their deprecation. It is vital that the University’s installation of Pure is kept up to date to avoid major step changes.

Pure is a supported service with both IS Applications Production Management Support and the support of the Research Information Systems team. It is important that Pure does not fall behind the latest version, to ensure full vendor support and deliver on any new compliance features, such as the new form of REF return in 2021.

This portfolio has been established to assist the University to ensure the Research Information Systems mainly Pure Application meets the REF 2021 deadline in March 2021. The portfolio will assist our senior managers monitor the status of all projects related to REF Submission. There are two groups of projects included in the portfolio:

Portfolio Projects

These projects will deliver either:

  1. General resources needed for Pure upgrades OR
  2. Business or technology elements needed to ensure the Pure Application is supporting the existing service OR
  3. New services or capabilities which will be implemented before the REF Submission deadline in March 2021

Interest Projects 

  • These projects will deliver new services or capabilities which will be implemented before the REF Submission deadline in March 2021

Ensuring REF submission is completed on time is an essential priority for the University. It is vital that senior managers and project stakeholders have a clear and consistent view of all projects that will be needed to ensure compliance. The portfolio provides a framework for monitoring and supporting existing REF or PURE related project activities across the University - it does not replace these activities.*  The REF 2021 portfolio is sponsored by the CIO and is owned by Applications Directorate working in partnership with the Head of Research Information in Library and University Collections and Governance and Strategic Planning (GASP), ISG colleagues and stakeholders across the University.  


Portfolio Info

REF 2021 - Research Excellence Framework Readiness
Portfolio Manager
Adam Wadee
Business Contact
Dominic Tate

Portfolio Dashboard