The University Secretary's Group (USG) projects have a direct positive impact on students at the University of Edinburgh, improving their experience and supporting their knowledge, learning and future careers.

The programmes in the USG Portfolio are aligned to core USG strategic objectives, as well as some University-wide objectives.  Project activity is split across the following five programmes:


Programme Code Programme Owner Programme Manager
Human Resource HRS Deborah Kilgallon Susan Ridder-Patrick
Student Services STU Jim McGeorge Jamie Thin

Student Systems Partnership

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   Service Excellence - Student Administration and Support (SAS)

SSP Lisa Dawson Franck Bergeret
Timetabling TTU Scott Rosie James Thin

USG Portfolio Projects

USGOTH Jim McGeorge Muriel Mewissen

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University Secretary's Group (USG)
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Muriel Mewissen
Business Contact
Jim McGeorge

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