MOOCs form part of the University's commitment to knowledge exchange and community outreach. To date, we have received in excess of 3.8 million learner enrolments and issued more than 40,000 certificates.

They serve as online learning capacity building, providing academic teams with an online teaching experience and an opportunity to explore new ways of delivery and engagement online. One of the main reasons for signing up to MOOCs was for educational research purposes - MOOCs provided a new challenge to consider the ability to deliver high quality teaching and learning at a scale never before achievable.


Melissa Highton - LTW Director

Stuart Nicol -  Head of Educational Design and Engagement


Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
MOOC0037 In-silico Modelling of Breeding Programmes BLUE August 2021 Nikki Stuart Suspended Execute
MOOC040 Live at COP26 GREEN August 2021 Kate Yee In Progress Execute
MOOC041 Earth Observations BLUE August 2021 Marcello Crolla In Progress Close
MOOC042 Learning for Sustainability (revamp) AMBER August 2021 Kate Yee In Progress Execute


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