Report for September 2018

Report Date
September 2018

During September,

The main focus of activity within the programme for September was the planning for the new Infrastructure Updates project which is well underway.   In addition, whilst not directly involved, technical assistance from IS Apps has been arranged for the new PCI DSS card payments procurement.

There is one outstanding task to provide an estimate for the VOIP Hosting.


Forward Look 

Resource Position 


Section Two: Projects Not Started


The scheduled projects for 2018-19 are:


Project Info Programme Managers Commentary


Salto Door Access


Planning: April 2019

Delivery: t.b.c.



This project has been declared as part of the annual planning process  for 2018-19


- On the availability of the ACE technical lead

- will require input from IS Applications Development Technology and IS Applications Production Management

Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Kx Infrastructure Consolidation

Category: Discretionary

Sponsor Funded



Milestone Current Date
Planning 28-Sep-2018


RAG Status: Green  

Report by Andy Stewart  for September 2018

Achievements in the last period

  • The project website has been created
  • As part of the project planning phase
    • The project brief, project plan and project estimate have been prepared and circulated to the project team for review and approval
  • The Technical Architecture document has been updated to incorporate the initial technical changes
  • Discussions have been held regarding securing the technical resource according to the current plan and at present looks possible
  • Requests have been made for the required 8 VM's to be provisioned
  • A JIRA container has been created for the project


  • lack of engagement with the supplier regarding
    • technical contacts regarding load balancing
    • feedback to the planning process
  • The project sponsor has requested feedback from the supplier and this was supplied on Friday 3rd October
  • Whilst the initial planning milestone scheduled for 28th September has been missed, it is not anticipated that it will impact greatly on the project. Due to holidays, it is anticipated this will be completed w/c 15th October

Next steps

  • Complete planning phase
  • New Test system Webservers
    • complete build of new servers
  • Complete test strategy
  • Confirm access to project based support tools
    • JIRA for logging all issues with access to ACE, IS and KSL
  • Project Governance
    • schedule weekly project team meeting teleconference calls
    • schedule monthly project governance teleconference call


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Section Five: Programme Risks

Date Updated Risk Ref. Programme Risks RAG Status Risk Owner

Section Six : Programme Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the programme meetings since July 2018 can be located on the Accommodation Catering and Events SharePoint site







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