Report for November 2018

Report Date
November 2018

During November,

Current project activity - the main focus has been on the Kx Infrastructure Upgrades project.  As a result of unexpected issues with the new primary Application Webserver during both the build and the subsequent user acceptance testing, the project is around 3 weeks behind schedule


  • regarding the project to host the ACE VOIP messaging server have concluded that this project should be managed under ITI
  • regarding the strategy around the Delivered Catering procurement is on-going


Forward Look 

Resource Position 


Section Two: Projects Not Started


The scheduled projects for 2018-19 are:


Project Info Programme Managers Commentary


Salto Door Access


Planning: February 2019

Delivery: t.b.c.



This project has been declared as part of the annual planning process  for 2018-19


- On the availability of the ACE technical lead

- will require input from IS Applications Development Technology and IS Applications Production Management

Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Kx Infrastructure Consolidation

Category: Discretionary

Sponsor Funded


Milestones will require to be re-planned after the issues with the primary Application WebServer has been resolved

Milestone Due Date
Design Sign-Off 02-Nov-2018
Sign-Off Build of Test Webservers 07-Dec-2018
Sign-Off Build of Live Webservers 14-Dec-2018
Go-Live with new Webservers 11-Jan-2019
Sign-off build of Test Database server 25-Jan-2019
DSOR new Webservers 25-Jan-2019
Sign-off build of Live Database servers 15-Feb-2019
Go Live with new Database servers 22-Feb-2019
DSOR for new Database servers 08-Mar-2019
Project Closure 15-Mar-2019

RAG Status: Amber 

Report by Andy Stewart  for November 2018

Achievements in the last period

  • Application WebServer build was completed 
  • User Acceptance Testing 
    • Test strategy and timetable prepared 
    • User Acceptance testing scheduled 
    • User Acceptance Testing commenced on the primary Test Application WebServer 
      • Kx Parcels - successfully tested 
      • Kx Calendar - successfully tested 
      • Kx Registration - successfully tested 
      • Kx Inspections - successfully tested 
      • Internal B&B - - still to test (issue with MyEd resolved on 30/11/18)
      • External B&B - successfully tested 
      • Kx Proposals - still to be tested 
      • Student Web - still to be tested till to test (issue with MyEd - still to resolved)
    • JIRA has been well utilised to track issues and tasks
  • Discussions held with KSL regarding load balancer configuration 


  • Refresh of Test database from live took longer than anticipated 
  • Build of Application WebServers was elongated due to subsequent requests from supplier after servers handed over 
    • IIS updated with .NET3.5 Features on both test servers
    • Java Development Kit (JDK) v1.6 or above

  •  Due to lack of IP addresses, there has been the requirement to use Server Name Indication which enables the server to host certificates for multiple sites under a single IP number. However, this has  resulted in  a  number of  unexpected issues to be worked through 

  • Unexpected issues were encountered which has delayed testing with regards to  
    • Delivered Catering  via MyEd - still outstanding 
    • Accommodation Booking via MyEd  - now resolved and awaiting to be tested 
    • Kx Inspections - unable to download application to android device  - now resolved and awaiting to be tested 
  • Load Balancer configuration 
    • Discovery that there is no health check page for each website. 

Next steps

  • Complete UAT on the new Test primary Application WebServer 
  • Complete UAT on new Test secondary Application WebServer 
  • Commence build of new Live Application Webservers 
  • Load Balancer configuration -
    • requirement to determine if KSL can create individual health pages for each website.  
  • Re-plan project once the issues have been resolved on the Primary application WebServer 
  • Update Technical Architecture Document after the primary Test Application WebServer has been successfully tested 

RAG Commentary

The project is currently running three weeks behind schedule due to the level of unexpected issues encountered with the new Application Webservers. The delay is not impacting on the business and the project will be re-planned


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Section Five: Programme Risks

Date Updated Risk Ref. Programme Risks RAG Status Risk Owner
07/12/18 7 Completion of Programme Activity within 2018-19 Green Andrew Stewart
07/12/18 8 Programme Management budget for 2018-19 being exceeded Amber  Andrew Stewart

Section Six : Programme Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the programme meetings since July 2018 can be located on the Accommodation Catering and Events SharePoint site







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