Report for May 2019

Report Date
May 2019

During May,

  • Work has been on-going to resolve the remaining two post go-live issues with the infrastructure projects
  • Annual Planning proposals updated and currently under review

Forward Look 

Resource Position 


Section Two: Projects Not Started


There are no  further scheduled projects for 2018-19


Project Info Programme Managers Commentary






Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Kx Infrastructure Consolidation

Category: Discretionary

Sponsor Funded


Milestones have been re-planned 

Milestone Due Date
DSOR new Webservers 21-Jun-2019
DSOR new database servers 21-Jun-2019
Closure 21-Jun-2019

RAG Status: Amber 

Report by Andy Stewart  for May 2019

Achievements in the last period

  • Post Go-Live Issues 
    • Application Webservers
      • Resolved issues associated with 
      • ACS041-70:  EiT scheduled overnight transfer failing
      • ACS041-72: Kxweb_KxInspections sql agent job failing
      • ACS041-44: Student Homes - reviewing solution to complete re-directs within the Load Balancer within Test 
      • ACS041-63:  KxRegistrations - successfully tested on the new Application Webserver on Test 
  • Technical Documentation 
    • Updated Technical Architecture Documentation and circulated to the project team to review 
  • OLA documentation updated and circulated for review 


  • Live Application WebServers (2016)
    • ACS041-44: Student Homes  - final solution still to be implemented on Live 
    • ACS041-63:  KxRegistrations - final solution still to be implemented on Live 
  • Due to the delays in resolving the final post go-live issues, the project will require to be extended into June 

Next steps

  • Application WebServers
    • Resolve remaining go-live issues
    • Decommission old Application Webservers (2008)
  • Database Servers
    • Decommission old Application Database Servers (2008)
  • Technical Documentation 
    • Sign-off Technical Architecture Document
  • Project Closure 
    • Prepare project closure report 
    • Close project 

RAG Commentary

Delays in resolving the two remaining post-go live issues will delay the scheduled project closure by 4 weeks. Current work-arounds are in place for the two remaining issues with no impact on the business


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Salto Door Access



Section Five: Programme Risks

Date Updated Risk Ref. Programme Risks RAG Status Risk Owner
05/06/19 7 Completion of Programme Activity within 2018-19 Green Andrew Stewart
05/06/19 8 Programme Management budget for 2018-19 being exceeded Red  Andrew Stewart

Section Six : Programme Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the programme meetings since July 2018 can be located on the Accommodation Catering and Events SharePoint site








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