Report for November 2020

Report Date
November 2020

During November,

Project activity has been directed towards the Delivered Catering procurement project

Work is on-going with regards system integrations associated with People and Money 




Forward Look 

Resource Position 


Section Two: Projects Not Started


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Delivered Catering Implementation

Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Delivered Catering Procurement 

Category: Discretionary

Sponsor Funded 


The following projected milestones still require to be confirmed by the project team

Milestone Due Date
Award Contract 18-Dec-2020
Conclude Contract 01-Feb-2021
Close 19-Feb-2021


Rag Status:  Amber 

Report by Andy Stewart for November 2020

Achievements This Period

  • Procurement 
    • The winning bid has been identified after further clarifications completed 
    • The Procurement Recommendations report has been created and forwarded within both Procurement and ACE for confirmation 
    • The appropriate AWARD related documentation has been prepared and will be circulated on confirmation of the Procurement Recommendations report 
  • Governance 
    • On-going discussions regarding the requirement to submit procurement outcome to ITC 
    • Commenced Procurement Checklist sign-off 
  • People and Money Integration 
    • People and Money have advised that a standard punch-out integration will be used to connect People and Money with the new Delivered Catering solution, with some minor configuration required within People and Money 


  • Terms and Conditions will require to be amended with regards to Data Protection requirements 
  • AWARD process delayed whilst awaiting confirmation of Procurement Recommendations report 
  • Awaiting feedback from People and Money regarding integration timetable 
  • In allowing for the additional time to confirm the budget and allowing for the Terms and Conditions to be confirmed, there will be the requirement to extend the project into 2021 with the revised milestones of contract signature on 1st February and project closure by 19th February.  According to the revised timescales, the project is currently projecting an overspend of 4 days

Next Steps

  • Complete AWARD process
  • Commence Terms and Conditions review with winning bid 
  • Commence analysis of People and Money integration requirements  

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Section Five: Programme Risks

The Risk 9 - Programme Management budget for 2019-20 being exceeded has been closed - programme budget not exceeded for the year

Date Updated Risk Ref. Programme Risks RAG Status Risk Owner
02/12/20 11

Disruption from the current Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

Amber Claire Barnish
02/12/20 12 ACE System Integrations with People and Money RED Claire Barnish

Section Six : Programme Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the programme meetings since July 2018 can be located on the Accommodation Catering and Events SharePoint site


Programme Status
RAG Status
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