Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
AV2831 InSpace AV AMBER March 2020 Stephen Dishon Suspended Build
AV2847 Shared Learning Spaces - 5.11 Charteris Land AMBER March 2020 David Whitaker Closed Close
AV2871 StEAP 2019/20 - CAHSS GREEN June 2020 Stephen Dishon Closed Close
AV2884 59 George Square G.09 RED March 2020 Guy Tittley Closed Close
AV2890 StEAMP - Chrystal McMillan B.03 GREEN May 2021 Guy Tittley In Progress Build
AV2891 StEAMP - 50 George Sq 1.01 & 1.02 (Computer Lab 1&2) GREEN December 2020 David Whitaker Closed Close
AV2905 Holyrood Room Overflow Project GREEN April 2021 Eddy O'Hare Closed Close
AV2914 Rainy Hall - Temp AV Euan Thomson Closed Close
AV2919 Economics Hybrid Teaching Room GREEN May 2021 Stephen Dishon In Progress Procure
AV2924 ECA - Main Building Hybrid Rooms GREEN May 2021 Euan Thomson In Progress Design
AV2926 Chrystal McMillan - Hybrid Spaces GREEN May 2021 Stephen Dishon In Progress Build
AV2932 Education - Hybridising Holyrood 2021 GREEN May 2021 Stephen Carter In Progress Analyse
AV2938 Education Dance Studio Tweak Eddy O'Hare Not Started Initiate


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