Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
BAY101 Systematic review of data science courses, CPD and executive education BLUE December 2020 Kate Robertson Closed Close
BAY103 Develop a Pilot executive education/CPD portfolio BLUE January 2021 Daniel Montgomery Closed Close
BAY104 Improved use of DSTI programme as a route for CPD-style portfolio offering in 20/21 BLUE December 2020 Fraser Pullar Closed Close
BAY105 Focus on data-driven entrepreneurship MOOC/online course/outreach offerings in 20/21 GREEN June 2021 Kirsten Phimister In Progress Initiate
BAY106 Support the development of new programmes and courses in Space & Satellites with the School of GeoSciences GREEN May 2021 Fraser Pullar In Progress Execute
BAY108 Collaboration with the Widening Participation, Digital Skills Gateway programmes, The Data Lab and the wider HE/FE community GREEN May 2021 Cat Andrade-Robertsen In Progress Execute
BAY109 Technology Enhanced Learning Project - Developing Online Learning Capacity in CSE Curriculum Needs BLUE December 2020 Teresa Ironside Closed Close
BAY110 Continued course delivery, review of funding initiatives, new course delivery and increase to portfolio GREEN May 2021 Daniel Montgomery In Progress Execute
BAY111 Data Science Education Centre of Excellence GREEN June 2021 Kirsten Phimister In Progress Execute
BAY112 UKRI Innovation Scholars Bid - Data Driven Innovation Scholars in Health & Social Care BLUE November 2020 Kirsten Phimister Closed Close
BAY113 Industry Dissertations BLUE March 2021 Teresa Ironside Closed Close


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