Report for February 2017

Report Date
February 2017

Report compiled by Tim Gray, IS Apps Programme Manager for Alex Carter  (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

In this reporting period work as continued on active projects. Two projects are AMBER this month. 1. The DMS upgrade project has re-planned milestones due to a resource conflict. 2 Personalised Email for Students remains AMBER as planning has not yet been completed. The project has made some progress in that all stakeholders have now agreed on a solution. 

At mid-year review the EDW and DTO projects were moved out of the programme, the programme is now back in balance.  

RAG Status and Forward Look

Resource Summary

 Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
AP67-004 COM Annual Wiki Upgrade Scheduled to start in Jan/Feb


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary


Serengeti Document Managment Server Upgrade










Deployment review


Deploy to Live


Upgrade Oracle CH







Report by Sue Woodger for February 2016


  • None this month


  • We have had a few issues with the Dev build within this project (piccl 4 describes the issues). The build sign off was due on 3 March 2017 but the resolution of the latest issues (certificates and reversed redirects) have been delayed as the tech lead was working on a priority 1 project WEB009. Tech lead will still be working on WEB009 until 8/3 and there is no other resource available to pick this up. Once the tech lead is free to fix these issues Apps Man then have to carry out a couple of integration tests on Dev before we can sign off and move to test. We therefore have to delay the Build milestone and subsequent milestones.

Next Steps

  • Build sign off by 16 March 2017


Project is Amber because we are having to submit revised milestones due to tech lead unable to pick up until his work on P1 project WEB009 complete


Rollout Academic Timetable Integration with Office 365 Calendar



Target Datesort descending Title
17-Apr-2017 Closure




Report by Chris Copner for February 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • Successful roll-out of Timetable on my Phone to all students (approx 26K students)
  • Very small number of support calls received
  • Deployment Review complete (some outstanding actions required prior to project closure)
  • News Item produced


  • None in this reporting period

Next Steps

COM033 Personalised Email for Students and Alumni



Milestones have still to be agreed.



Report by Karen Stirling (on behalf of Tim Gray) February 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • Meetings held with key areas e.g. ITI, IS Applications and Project Sponsor to discuss option 2
  • Business Requirements documented and reviewed by project team, updates to be reflected in document ready for approval
  • Further Stakeholders added to project


  • Due to limited availability of PM project planning, estimation, project brief has still to be completed
  • Project milestones to be agreed

Next Steps 

  • Complete planning, estimation and project brief approval
  • Sign off Business Requirements

The project status is AMBER as project planning and brief still in progress



Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Wiki Upgrade



Report by Tim Gray

This project was closed on 23/09/16  (WIS Notes 23/09/16)

Please see the Completion Report for further information


BI Architechture


Report by Craig Middlemass

This project was closed on 04/11/16  (WIS Notes 04/11/16)

Please see the Completion Report for further information


Upgrade onsite Exchange Mail Relay Servers


Report by Chris Copner

This project was closed on 11/11/16 (WIS Notes 11/11/16)

Please see the Completion Report for further information

COM022 Academic Timetable Integration into Office 365 Calendar  


Report by Chris Copner

This project was closed on 18/11/16  (WIS Notes 18/11/16)

Please see the Completion Report for further information

COM030 Document Management for IS HR


Report by Tim Gray

This project was closed on 27/01/17  (WIS Notes 27/01/17)

Please see the Completion Report for further information

AP67-005 COM BI Annual Service Pack Compliance

Withdrawn at Mid-Year Review

COM Mid-Year review 2016/17

Section Five: Actions/Notes from monthly meeting held on 12/12/2016


Project Action / Notes Responsibility Status

PM required for BI Working Group - Agreement that Andrew McFarlane will pick up PM with Tim Gray providing mentoring as and when required. Action

Tim Gray Closed
New project?  

There are several small pieces of work that need to be managed but not large enough to justify a stand alone project. AC suggested we could have a bucket project where these tasks could reside. AC to advise on budget.

Outcome - No further action this year

Alex Carter Closed - 
Dev Services Rep

Replacement representative from Development Services to replace Richard Good. Tim to speak to Bill Lee.

Outcome: Bill to attend programme meeting until replacement is named.

Tim Gray Closed