Report for October 2018

Report Date
October 2018

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

This has been another relatively straightforward month where work has continued on each of the three current projects. However, the work on COM036 has not been as simple as expected with some issues for the project team through the use of the migration tool. This has added effort to the project and pushed the milestones back. Despite this, delivery is still expected in December 2018. THe other two projects continue as planned and are believed to be on track to complete as scheduled.

The Serengeti upgrade is due to start in November, and a PM resource has been established for this.

RAG Status and Forward Look

Forward Look, October 2018



 Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info     Project Manager's Commentary
COM044  Serengeti Annual Upgrade

Scheduled to start in November 2018

COM045  IDM Database Upgrade
Scheduled to start in December 2018
COM046  Annual Wiki Upgrade
Scheduled to start in January 2019
COM047  Annual JIRA Upgrade
Scheduled to start in June 2019
COM048  Bi-Annual CalSync Upgrade
Scheduled to start in January 2019


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

COM036 BI - Business Objects Upgrade



Test build complete 06-Nov-2018
Integration Testing sign off 09-Nov-2018
Acceptance Testing sign off 27-Nov-2018
Final delta migration to LIVE 10-Dec-2018
Deploy to LIVE 11-Dec-2018
Deployment Sign Off Review 22-Jan-2019
Closure 29-Jan-2019

RAG Status 


Report by Chris Konczak for October 2018

Achievements in Last Period

  • Content migration on DEV completed
  • BI Launchpad built and configured on DEV and TEST
  • Functional testing on DEV completed


  • SSO on DEV has not been completed on time resulting in a missed DEV signoff milestone.
  • The migration tool has not migrated all content effectively resulting in manual intervention.
  • Extra support time has been required to get firewalls opened up, review and remove obsolete connections on DEV that were causing errors
  • Project is AMBER on Time due to missed DEV signoff in October.
  • Project is AMBER on Cost due to effort for Service Management time now being applied to project time, (15 days) and additional unestimated tasks required in DEV, eg, 360 eyes set up,  checks and connection changes required after INF121 database upgrade project upgraded DEV (old and new servers), issues with the migration tool not migrating all data content.

Next Steps

  • Content migration on TEST
  • Functional testing on TEST
  • UAT by businesses
  • TEST sign off
  • Service alerts raised and Go-Cab form filled in.

COM041 Decommission legacy Windows hosting




Target Date Title
23-Nov-2018 Migration complete
07-Dec-2018 Closure complete


RAG Status


 Report  by Tim Gray for October 2018

Achievements in Last Period

  • Work has continued on the site migration and checking
  • Two additional colleagues in Service Management now assisting with migrations


  • An issue with licensing on the replacement server held up progress, this has now been resolved. 

Next steps

  • Continue with site migrations and checking.
COM043 SOA Upgrade to v12



Acceptance Review 31-Jan-2019
Delivery 15-Feb-2019
Deployment Sign Off Review 28-Feb-2019
Close 15-Mar-2019

RAG Status


Report by Adam Wadee for October 2018

Achievements in Last Period

  • Planning phase completed.
  • Test and Live environments have been built.
  • Software Dev are currently preparing for the IDM Test migration to the new SOA Test environment.
  • UAT planning is in progress and test plans have been created in TestRail.


  • Not a significant issue at this stage, however Maven (a deployment tool) does not work with SOA version  We have contacted Oracle for a bug fix and expect to have it resolved w/c 5 Nov.  If the bug fix does not work, we have backup options to resolve the issue.

Next steps

  • Migrate IDM components on Test environment.

  • Start UAT w/c 12 November.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

COM040 - JIRA Upgrade

Project closed - Closure Report


COM042 - GDPR Preparation for Applications  Project closed - Closure Report

Section Five: Actions/Notes from monthly programme meeting held on 13.11.2018

Project Action / Notes Responsibility    Status
All Clarity required about Service Management time which is now being recorded to projects in ASTA. ETA for clarification is end of November 2018.  AC Open
Serengeti Upgrade The project has not yet been initiated. TG to follow up with the assigned project manager. TG Open
Planning Everyone to give some thought to what proposals we need to include next year. This will mainly be projects that were planned this next year and those which were not funded in 2018/19.  All Open


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