Report for July 2019

Report Date
July 2019

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

The final month of 2018-19, and we have a mixed bag of statuses to report, with a Red project, one Green and two blues.

The Red project is the well-known SOA Upgrade (COM043). The deployment to Live in early July threw up some errors which meant rolling back the implementation, and starting the process of investigating where the problems lie. This is still being carried out, with a call into Oracle that will hopefully shed some light on things. The remaining milestones have been redrafted, with the caveat that they are subject to change.

This situation has meant that the IDM Database Upgrade (COM045) has been suspended until October as it has a dependency on the successful completion of COM043. The other Blue project this month is the Wiki Upgrade which was closed at the end of July.

Finally, the JIRA Upgrade (COM047) is reported as Green - it is ticking along, more or less to schedule and we hope to have the Live upgrade in place by late August.

The three open projects will carry over into 19-20, and we will report on the new projects in next month's update.


RAG Status and Forward Look


 Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info     Project Manager's Commentary


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
COM043 SOA Upgrade to v12



Delivery 01-Oct-2019
Deployment Sign Off Review 11-Oct-2019
Close 25-Oct-2019

RAG Status


Report by Adam Wadee for July 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • The live deployment of SOA 12 went ahead on Tuesday 9th July, however it was not successful and had to be rolled back.
  • The issue appears to be an internal SOA issue whereby for account updates, it retrieves the existing IDM data, but fails to transform it into the required  XML SOAP packet. New and failed updates run individually succeed, but live running causes failures.
  • We have replicated the issues on the Test environment, but have not been able to resolve them.  A call has been raised with Oracle to investigate the issues and provide a fix.


  • Issues as described above.

  • Milestones will need to be revised once we have a fix from Oracle. 

  • Our next window for the live deployment is in October, after the start of term change freeze finishes.

Next Steps

  • Obtain a fix from Oracle to resolve the issues.

  • Re-plan the project milestones.

  • Deploy to live.

RAG Commentary

The live deployment of SOA 12 went ahead on Tuesday 9th July, however it was not successful and had to be rolled back. We have not been able to resolve the issues encountered during the deployment, so have raised a support call with the SOA vendor Oracle. Our next opportunity for deploying to live will be in October after the start of term change freeze. The delay is not directly impacting on services for students, but is delaying other projects which are dependent on the SOA upgrade. The delay also means that our IDM service continues to run on a version of SOA which is out of support (11G). The issue has been escalated to the Project Sponsor and senior managers in Applications Directorate. We have also raised the issue with Oracle. We expect to have a fix from Oracle by the end of August which will allow us to prepare for a live deployment in October.

COM045 IDM Database Upgrade





RAG Status

AMBER. Project delayed due to COM043 SOA upgrade.

Report by Chris Konczak for July 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • No further progress on project during July due to waiting for the TEST environment to be released from COM043 SOA upgrade project.
  • Project suspension agreed by Project Sponsor, Programme Manager and agreed at WIS
  • Proposed restart date: 21/10/2019


  • Rollback of the COM043 deployment on 09/07/2019 due to issues with IDM have delayed COM045 proceeding with the TEST upgrade in July. Due to the nature of the issue with COM043 and requiring a suitable deployment window from the business, It is unknown when COM043 will deploy. With the change freeze in September, it has been agreed with Project Sponsor and Programme Manager to suspend COM045 until COM043 can confirm the issues are resolved and a new deployment date is secured 
  • Budget needed for COM045 in 2019/20 is now 47 days. This has not been secured / agreed until a review is completed.

Next Steps

  • Agree available budget to continue COM045
  • Review the position of COM043 in October and agree a project restart or extension to the suspension
  • Restart date is 21/10/2019. Submission to WIS required on 18/10/2019 for restart or to continue suspension.


Annual JIRA Upgrade



RAG Status


Stage Milestone Due Date
Build Build review 06-Aug-2019
Accept Acceptance Review 22-Aug-2019
Deliver Deployment to LIVE 27-Aug-2019
Deliver Deployment Review 06-Sep-2019
Close Project closure 20-Sep-2019

Report by Yiwei Jing  for July 2019


  • Project brief signed off
  • Familiarisation & analysis work undertaken by project team
  • Preparations made for upgrade in DEV


  • None

Next steps

  • Refresh data from LIVE
  • Upgrade in DEV
  • Apply upgrade to TEST


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

COM040 - JIRA Upgrade

Project closed - Closure Report


COM042 - GDPR Preparation for Applications  Project closed - Closure Report
COM044 - Serengeti Annual Upgrade Project closed - Closure Report
COM048 Bi-Annual CalSync Upgrade Project withdrawn - Decision
COM036 - BI Business Objects Upgrade Project closed - Closure Report
COM041 Decommission legacy Windows hosting Project closed - Closure Report
COM046 Annual Wiki Upgrade Project closed - Closure Report
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