Report for August 2019

Report Date
August 2019

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

The two main bits of progress to report on are the deployment to LIVE of the JIRA upgrade, as planned, in late August - ahead of the change freeze. Many thanks to the project team for their good work in getting this all done. And the continuing analysis into the issues with SOA, which has not yet found a definite solution. The COM043 project team are to be commended for their persistence in seeking a resolution (with assistance from Oracle) and it is hoped that this will be sorted soon.

COM045 remains suspended until October, at least.

The figures and planning have all been published for the new financial year, and the first new COM project - Office 365 Security Hardening - is due to commence in September now that we have a PM for this one.


RAG Status and Forward Look



 Section Two: Projects Not Started

COM050 Wiki: Annual Upgrade tbc Starting January 20
COM051 Office 365 Security Hardening Kevin Hone Starting September 19
COM052 C-Host Infrastructure Replacement tbc Starting October 19
COM053 CalSync Bi Annual Upgrade tbc Starting November 19
COM054 Annual JIRA Upgrade tbc (Student Intern) Starting June 20


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
COM043 SOA Upgrade to v12



Delivery 01-Oct-2019
Deployment Sign Off Review 11-Oct-2019
Close 25-Oct-2019

RAG Status


Report by Adam Wadee for August 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • We have replicated the issues on the Test environment, and have raised a support call with Oracle to investigate the issues and provide a fix.
  • Oracle have been working with us and suggested changes for us to make, however we have not resolved the issues yet.  We are continuing to liaise with Oracle.


  • The deployment milestone has been moved to October following the change freeze period.

  • Budget for 19/20 to be reconciled.

Next Steps

  • Obtain a fix from Oracle to resolve the issues.

  • Deploy to live.

COM045 IDM Database Upgrade





RAG Status


Report by Chris Konczak for August 2019

COM045 Suspended: July 2019

COM045 restart: October 2018

Next Steps

Restart date is 21/10/2019.

Submission to WIS required on 18/10/2019 for restart or to continue suspension



Annual JIRA Upgrade



RAG Status


Stage Milestone Due Date
Deliver Deployment Review 06-Sep-2019
Close Project closure 20-Sep-2019

Report by David Watters  for August 2019


  • Refreshed data from LIVE
  • Upgraded DEV
  • Applied upgrade to TEST/UAT carried out
  • Upgrade deployed to LIVE


  • None

Next steps

  • Deployment sign-off
  • Close project


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary
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