Report for October 2019

Report Date
October 2019

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

We have been continuing to pin down a solution to the Oracle bug affecting COM043, but, unfortunately, to no avail. The latest suggestion from Oracle has not not moved things on so we are still looking for a solution to this problem. This has obviously meant that COM045 has had to remain in suspension, and this position will need to be reviewed again in November.

The Office 365 project (COM051) is well under way, with work commencing on the access controls workstream. This is expected to continue over the next month.

We now have our new colleagues in Project Services, and so work can now commence on the C-Host Upgrade project (COM052) which will be managed by Mark Downey. A resource request for the next two COM projects to start (CalSync & Wiki) will be submitted shortly .

Finally, we have a non-Apps addition to the programme website - COM055 - which will be concerned with the final migrations from Staffmail. This is being managed by Fiona Vine (with assistance from David Watters), with the involvement of colleagues in Service Management and ITI Windows.


RAG Status and Forward Look




Section Two: Projects Not Started

COM050 Wiki: Annual Upgrade tbc Starting January 20
COM052 C-Host Infrastructure Replacement Mark Downey Starting November 19
COM053 CalSync Bi Annual Upgrade tbc Starting November 19
COM054 Annual JIRA Upgrade tbc (Student Intern) Starting June 20


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
COM043 SOA Upgrade to v12



Acceptance of Oracle fix 15-Nov-2019
Delivery 26-Nov-2019
Deployment Sign Off Review 06-Dec-2019
Close 20-Dec-2019

RAG Status


Report by Adam Wadee for October 2019

Achievements in Last Period:

  • Oracle have now classed the issue that we have encountered as a bug.  Their development team are working with us to resolve the problem and have suggested several changes which have not yet been successful.
  • We'll continue to work with Oracle to obtain a fix, however some consultancy time may be required in order to resolve the issues.


  • Milestones and budget have been reconciled.

  • The bug is still outstanding despite numerous suggestions from Oracle.

Next Steps:

  • Agree if consultancy is an option in order to attempt to resolve the issues.

  • Obtain a fix from Oracle to resolve the issues.

  • Deploy to live.

COM045 IDM Database Upgrade





RAG Status


Report by Chris Konczak for October 2019

Continuation of project suspension approved at WIS on 18/10/2019.

Suspension review date: 08/11/2019

COM045 restart date: 11/11/2019


COM051 Office 365 Security Hardening



O1 Tighten Access Controls on Office 365 Admin Accounts Complete 06-Dec-2019
O2 Tune Mailboxes and Mail-flow for Security Complete 21-Feb-2020
O3 Review Tools to Protect Mailbox Accounts Complete 06-Mar-2020
O4 Data Protection Measures Complete 17-Mar-2020
O5 Impact Assessment Complete 27-Mar-2020
Delivery Complete 03-Apr-2020
DSOR Sign-off 20-Apr-2020
Project Closure 08-May-2020


RAG Status



Report by Kevin Hone for October 2019

Achievements in Last Period:

  • Project Brief written, reviewed, revised and signed-off.
  • Communications Plan written, reviewed and signed-off.
  • Work has started on analysing and better understanding the first project objective of tightening access controls.


  • None.

Next Steps:

  • Project resource to assess effort involved in tightening access controls on Office 365 Admin Accounts and engage with wider stakeholder group.



Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

COM047 Annual JIRA Upgrade

Project closed: closure report
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Programme Status
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