Report for November 2019

Report Date
November 2019

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Everyone likes a good news story, especially in December, and it is pleasing to report that we may now have a way forward for COM043. A solution has been suggested by Oracle, and the early signs are that this looks promising. We are expecting to get an update by the second week of December, and this will help determine what happens next on this beleagured project, and its close 'cousin'  - COM045 - which has been suspended again until January.

The remaining projects continue to move along, with COM051 picking up pace on the modifications to the O365 service. This project has had to be reported as RED this month because of the risk around losing the current PM in January, and not being replaced immediately. The C-Host project is still in planning with the planning milestone needing to be put back to January 2020 because of the recent industrial action. This has also had an effect on the Staffmail/O0365 project with December's pilot being unable to be completed. This has also moved to next month.


RAG Status and Forward Look




Section Two: Projects Not Started

COM050 Wiki: Annual Upgrade tbc Starting January 20
COM053 CalSync Bi Annual Upgrade tbc Starting May 20
COM054 Annual JIRA Upgrade tbc (Student Intern) Starting June 20


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
COM043 SOA Upgrade to v12



Acceptance of Oracle fix 11-Dec-2019
Delivery 21-Jan-2020
Deployment Sign Off Review 07-Feb-2019
Close 28-Feb-2019

RAG Status


Report by Adam Wadee for November 2019



  • Work is continuing with Oracle to resolve the bug that was encountered during the Live deployment. Good progress was made during a conference call with Oracle and Apps developers.  Oracle's latest suggested fix appears to have resolved the issues and we are currently testing this before signing off as fully resolved.  We expect to have the outcome of the tests by w/c 9th December.


  • The current project milestones will need to be revised.  Earliest possible deployment date is now mid / end January.

Next steps

  • Confirm if the issue has been resolved by undertaking UAT.

  • If resolved, agree on a deployment date with key stakeholders.

  • Deploy to live.

COM045 IDM Database Upgrade





RAG Status


Report by Chris Konczak for November 2019

Review carried out in November on project suspension. Agreement for suspension to be extended to January 2020.

Suspension review date: 17/01/2020

COM045 restart date: 20/01/2020

COM051 Office 365 Security Hardening



O1 Tighten Access Controls on Office 365 Admin Accounts Complete 06-Dec-2019
O2 Tune Mailboxes and Mail-flow for Security Complete 21-Feb-2020
O3 Review Tools to Protect Mailbox Accounts Complete 06-Mar-2020
O4 Data Protection Measures Complete 17-Mar-2020
O5 Impact Assessment Complete 27-Mar-2020
Delivery Complete 03-Apr-2020
DSOR Sign-off 20-Apr-2020
Project Closure 08-May-2020


RAG Status



Report by Kevin Hone for November 2019

Achievements in Last Period:

  • Steady progress has been made over the last month despite non-availability of project resource during some of the period.
  • The deliverable to enable mailbox auditing for all mailboxes across the organisation has been completed.

  • Good progress has been made in identifying and reducing the number of global administration roles.

  • Discussion had on the possible merits of wider staff involvement in Multi-Factor Authentication. Agreed  that Production Management would read any recommendations.

  • The project team has agreed that the scope of the project can be increased to add a warning banner to external eMails containing URL's.


  • No forward plan to compensate for loss of the Project Manager in January (reason for reporting a RAG status of RED).

Next Steps:

  • Change record to be raised for an extension to the project scope.
  • Continue to undertake further analysis and report findings in accordance with the plan.


COM052 C-Host Infrastructure Replacement




Planning Sign-off 14-Jan-2020
Delivery complete 02-Apr-2020
Project Closure 01-May-2020


RAG Status



Report by Mark Downey for November 2019


  • Draft Project Brief created


  • Planning Project sign off milestone will need to be pushed back to 14/01/20 (from 12/12/19) after agreement from all stakeholders. This is due to not being able to get stakeholders together to  agree plan and milestones. A PICCL will be created week beginning 02/12/19 to cover the Planning sign off milestone change.

Next Steps

  • Planning Sign off Milestone Complete
  • Complete Project Brief
  • Plan Project
  • Agree Milestones

COM055 O365 Staffmail Migration



Pilot migration: 21-Jan-20

Migration batches: Feb - Jun 2020


RAG Status



Report by David Watters for November 2019


  • Audit of staffmail accounts to determine numbers to be migrated
  • Comms between project team and Informatics and Physics & Astronomy to 'green light' the pilot
  • Migration process updated and tested
  • Plans made for Pilot and follow-on batching  for migrations


  • Risk to Pilot because of industrial action
  • Service Delivery will not be available for user support after migrations

Next steps

  • Refine migration process
  • Carry out Pilot migrations
  • Plan for future migrations
  • Pin down staff required for user support


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

COM047 Annual JIRA Upgrade

Project closed: closure report
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Programme Status
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