Report for August 2020

Report Date
August 2020

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

In this reporting period, some progress has been made on all active projects. However, three projects have an AMBER RAG.

  1. The IDM DB Upgrade has moved to AMBER RAG as a decision to change the scope and resulting budget implications have not yet been approved.
  2. Some of the planned changes to be implemented by the Office 365 Security Hardening project will now go to OTC in mid-September, so this project is also at AMBER. 
  3. O365 Staffmail Migration has a draft plan for the migrations, however this has not yet been approved by all stakeholders, hence the AMBER RAG, refects the need fr more budget should this schedule not be approved. 

On a more positive note, the project management of the Accessibility Statements has been successfully handed over to Sue Woodger, a revised plan for deployments is now in place and delivery dates approved by GoCAB.

No update has been received on the programme budget for 2020/21, therefore the overall programme RAG remains at AMBER.

RAG Status and Forward Look


Section Two: Projects Not Started

All this year's project are now in flight.

Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

COM045 IDM Database Upgrade




DEV build sign off 11-Sep-2020
Integration testing sign off 28-Sep-2020
Acceptance testing sign off 23-Oct-2020
Deploy to LIVE 28-Oct-2020
Deployment Sign Off Review 13-Nov-2020
Project Closure 04-Dec-2020


RAG Status


Report by Chris Konczak for August 2020

Achievements this period

  • Resourcing booked to commence the DEV migration to the virtual infrastructure
  • Agreement from Director of Applications that the budget can be increased to make the move to the virtual infrastructure
  • Budget for move to virtual infrastructure agreed in principal.


  • Amber due to milestone changes required for the change in scope to move to virtual infrastructure.
  • Amber on cost as extra budget, although approved in principal would need to be applied to the project.

Next Steps

  • Commence the migration to DEV
  • Milestones and budget increase to be agreed at WIS and Asta updated accordingly

COM051 Office 365 Security Hardening



ITC Project Review 16-Sep-2020
D4.5 Warning Banner on external emails 09-Oct-2020
D2.1 Block Rules to prevent Auto-Forwarding 23-Oct-2020
Delivery Complete 23-Oct-2020
DSOR 30-Oct-2020
Project Closure 13-Nov-2020



Report by Kevin Hone for August 2020

Achievements in Last Period:

New exclusion groups have been created to support a change in Microsoft policy for auto-forwarding. 


  • The project continues to run without an approved budget. 
  • The implementation of the Warning Banner solution is subject to ITC approval. Concerns from the pilot have been escalated to this forum for consideration 
  • A change in Microsoft policy has recently been announced which means that the original ITI elements of the auto-forwarding work is now deemed redundant.

Next Steps:

  • The ITC is due to meet on the 16th September. 
  • Once clearer direction is given, the project plan will be revised to reflect decisions taken for the deployment of the Warning Banner and Auto-forwarding solutions.

The project status is amber. 

RAG Commentary
Future direction of the project is subject to ITC guidance. A meeting is scheduled for Mid-September, the outcome from which is likely to affect: time, cost and scope.

COM056 Accessibility Statements



Delivery 07-09-2020
Closure 16-Oct-2020


RAG Status


Report by Sue Woodger for August 2020  

Achievements in Last Period

  • Sue Woodger took over as project manager wef 18 August 2020
  • Final reports have been approved for:
    • Wiki
    • Quick Calls
    • Event Booking
    • Projects Website
  • GoCab approved and alerts set up
  • Susan Cooke confirmed with Viki Galt that an EQIA not required for this project as services all have one


  • None this month

Next Steps

  • Go/noGo wb 31 August 2020
  • Deploy to Live 7 September 2020


COM055 O365 Staffmail Migration



Pilot migration: 21-Jan-20

Migration batches: Feb - Jun 2020


RAG Status


Report by Fiona Vine for August 2020

Achievements this period

  • Successful migration of 49 accounts completed on 29th July, in partnership with Quest.
  • Suggested schedule of migrations to run from 26th October to 21st December.


  • Impact on ENT208.
  • Suggested migration schedule to be accepted by all stakeholders; Informatics and Physics are main players.
  • Resource to be available from all ISG teams.  
  • Additional accounts identified by Enterprise Unix, possible increase in licences purchased from Quest.

Next Steps

  • Establish final numbers for migration.
  • Agree purchase of additional licences if required.
  • Agree schedule with stakeholders.
  • Agree schedule with Quest, and provide list of accounts

AMBER  as the proposed schedule for completion (ending Dec 21st 2020) has not yet been agreed with all stakeholders. This is in progress. Also, additional accounts identified need to be confirmed and possible additional licences to migrate purchased. Again, this is in progress. Deadline for agreement is 18th September 2020. If the schedule cannot be agreed it can be pushed back. The funding for licences has not yet been secured. 


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

COM047 Annual JIRA Upgrade

Project closed: Closure Report
COM050 Wiki: Annual Upgrade Project closed: Closure Report

COM053 CalSync Bi Annual Upgrade

Project withdrawn: withdrawal

COM052 C-Host Infrastructure Replacement

Project closed Closure Report

COM050 Wiki: Annual Upgrade

Project closed: Closure Report
COM043 SOA Upgrade to v12 Project closed: Closure Report

COM054 Annual JIRA Upgrade

Project closed: Closure Report
Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
RAG Commentary
With budgets not confirmed for 20/21, the programme is marked as AMBER.