Report for September 2020

Report Date
September 2020

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

In this reporting period, progress has been made across the programme. The budget for 20/21 has now been confirmed. Initially, three new projects were in the programme this year, with a fourth, the VRS Re-write being added at the end of the month.

The Accessibility Statements project has had a successful launch and the project will close in October.

The programme reports two projects as AMBER this month. Firstly, the Security Hardening project has a new PM who will re-plan some of the outdated work. Secondly, the O365 Staffmail Migration project remains AMBER as the proposed plan has still now been agreed with stakeholders. Next moth Apps will assign a project manager to this project to assist with delivery and ensure the PWS is updated. 

RAG Status and Forward Look


Section Two: Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project   Comments
MFA Rollout for O365 Email    Start planned in March 2021
Wiki Crowd Implementation    Start planned in October 2020
Qlik-Sense and Qlikview Annual Upgrade    Start planned in June 2021
VRS Re-write   Start planned in October 2020

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

COM045 IDM Database Upgrade




DEV build sign off 05-Oct-2020
Integration testing sign off 30-Oct-2020
Acceptance testing sign off 09-Nov-2020
Deploy to LIVE 12-Nov-2020
Deployment Sign Off Review 30-Nov-2020
Project Closure 15-Dec-2020


RAG Status


Report by Chris Konczak for September 2020

Achievements this period

  • DEV build has been completed and data migration carried out. This is being tested.
  • Milestones and budget increase agreed at WIS to cover the move to the virtual machines.


  • None.

Next Steps

  • Sign off DEV
  • Start the TEST upgrade

COM051 Office 365 Security Hardening



D2.1 Block Rules to prevent Auto-Forwarding


Delivery Complete


D4.5 Warning banner on external emails




Project Closure


These milestones (apart from the warning banner) require to be revisited and re-planned



Report by Sue Woodger for September 2020

Achievements in Last Period

  • Change in scope and milestones (piccl 14) raised on 23 September 2020. New Microsoft policy stated that development work was no longer required for the auto-forwarding of emails

  • In the same piccl funding was approved at 95d (19/20 73d; 20/21 22d)
  • Sue Woodger took over as project manager on 2 October 2020
  • New project meetings set up
  • Meeting with Abdul Majothi , relationship manager, set up
  • Communications meeting for delivery of  warning banner set up


  • Noted last month that a change in Microsoft policy had recently been announced which meant that the original ITI elements of the auto-forwarding work is now deemed redundant. There is no further indication from Microsoft when this will be Live but current milestone D2.1 Block Rules to prevent Auto-Forwarding, which has a delivery date of 23 October, is likely to be missed while we await this information

Next Steps

  • Agree a date with project team for delivery milestone of D2.1 Block Rules to prevent Auto-Forwarding and review milestone dates
  • Consolidate plan for delivery of warning banner
  • Finalise communications plan and set into action


RAG Commentary

The dates relating to the block rules to prevent auto-forwarding are no longer realistic due to the new Microsoft policy regarding auto-forwarding

Impact: We have to wait on Microsoft informing that their policy is in place before we can sign off that milestone and, although not yet confirmed by Microsoft, this is expected to be in November 20

Plan: PM will re-plan this task. This will affect the projects closure date.

COM056 Accessibility Statements



Closure 16-Oct-2020


RAG Status


Report by Sue Woodger for September 2020  

Achievements in Last Period

  • Following applications deployed the accessibility statements successfully to Live 7 September 2020
    • Wiki
    • Quick Calls
    • Event Booking
    • Projects Website
  • Delivery review held by email  - no issues 
  • Closure report has been circulated 


  • None this month

Next Steps

  • Closure report signed off
  • Piccl to be created for actual expenditure v budget and submitted with closure report. Actual spend has been much less than budget and these days will go back into the programme
  • Closure by 16 October 20


COM055 O365 Staffmail Migration



Pilot migration: 21-Jan-20

Migration batches: Feb - Jun 2020


RAG Status


Report by Fiona Vine for September 2020

Achievements this period

  • Identified the number of accounts to migrate from additional accounts supplied by Enterprise Unix. There is no requirement to increase the licences purchased from Quest. 
  • It was agreed to pause project ENT208 until December. 
  • Agreement with two main schools (Physics and Informatics) on process for scheduling, offering of support and communication plan for migrations. 
  • Agreement with IS Helpline and Service Management on support model for migrations.


  • Agreement of schedule with main schools is still in balance.  This is expected to confirm before 22nd October.
  • Push back on dates would mean the extension of the migration period past end 2020.

Next Steps

  • Finalise schedule with stakeholders by 22nd October
  • Agree schedule with Quest, and provide list of accounts by 12th October
  • Issue staging email to all accounts.
RAG Commentary
AMBER as the proposed schedule for completion (ending Dec 15th 2020) has not yet been agreed with all stakeholders. This is in progress. Deadline for agreement is 22nd October 2020. If the schedule cannot be agreed it can be pushed back.


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

COM047 Annual JIRA Upgrade

Project closed: Closure Report
COM050 Wiki: Annual Upgrade Project closed: Closure Report

COM053 CalSync Bi Annual Upgrade

Project withdrawn: withdrawal

COM052 C-Host Infrastructure Replacement

Project closed Closure Report

COM050 Wiki: Annual Upgrade

Project closed: Closure Report
COM043 SOA Upgrade to v12 Project closed: Closure Report

COM054 Annual JIRA Upgrade

Project closed: Closure Report
Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
RAG Commentary
With budgets not confirmed for 20/21, the programme is marked as AMBER.