The Communication programme is related to services offered by the IS Applications Communications Team in the Service Management Section. We develop our services with ITIL best practice at their core. We promote transparency regarding service costs and benefits and will develop and publish KPIs for all of our services.

The services related to this programme include:



Name   Role
Alex Carter    Programme Owner
David Watters   Programme Manager


Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
October 2021 GREEN
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
COM031 Serengeti Document Management Server Upgrade BLUE March 2018 Morna Findlay Closed Close
COM032 Rollout Academic Timetable Integration with Office 365 Calendar BLUE August 2017 Chris Copner Closed Close
COM034 Annual Wiki Upgrade BLUE August 2017 Chris Konczak Closed Close
COM035 JIRA Upgrade 2017 BLUE July 2017 Tim Gray Closed Close
COM036 BI - Business Objects Upgrade BLUE April 2019 Chris Konczak Closed Close
COM037 Update Grouper to v2.3.0 BLUE June 2018 David Watters Closed Close
COM038 SOA Dev Upgrade to v12c BLUE July 2018 Adam Wadee Closed Close
COM039 Annual Wiki Upgrade BLUE July 2018 Chris Konczak Closed Close
COM040 JIRA Upgrade BLUE October 2018 David Watters Closed Close
COM041 Decommission legacy Windows hosting BLUE May 2019 Tim Gray Closed Close
COM042 GDPR Readiness for Applications Division Services BLUE October 2018 Emma Mcnab Closed Close