There are four aspects to the strategy behind Distance Learning at Scale: A new online pedagogy rooted in our strengths in high quality, research-led teaching; the building of a scalable capability and capacity; the cross fertilisation of courses and the University’s Digital Education Ecosystem.

Distance Leaning at Scale (DLAS) is seen as core University business. The DLAS Pilot will focus on research and development and is aimed at building, testing and proving the University and its partners’ capability and capacity to plan, create and execute online learning at scale without compromising quality. To achieve this, this programme will deliver new pedagogy, underpinning innovative technologies, new University processes, an “at scale” partner relationship and new course creation with the capabilities to scale production. This will include a new programme business model and approach that structures clearly how each programme will be supported allocating staff academic time, administrative work and the leveraging of central shared services such as media, course development, IT, marketing and pedagogical support. The pilot will first create and then test the capabilities through the delivery of pilot academic programmes.



The end goal is to have a proven, scalable, reusable and quality University capability so that additional schools can leverage this capability for their own courses.

A robust governance and approval path both for the project, its strategic links and implications as well as the individual business cases and courses is being established for approval through the University Executive and other relevant University Committees.



Programme Manager                

Nikki Stuart


Programme Owner

Gavin McLachlan                


Programme Owner

Charlie Jeffrey


Code RAG Manager Status Stage
DLAS001 DLAS Policy and Governance GREEN Nikki Stuart In Progress Execute
DLAS002 DLAS Pilot Templates and Workflow Design BLUE David Thresher Closed Close
DLAS003 Business Analytics Masters RED Anjeli Narandran In Progress Execute
DLAS004 Science and Engineering MicroMasters BLUE David Thresher Suspended Initiate
DLAS006 DLAS Student Services and Support Review GREEN Nikki Stuart In Progress Execute
DLAS007 Scaled Media Production Framework GREEN Anjeli Narandran In Progress Execute
DLAS008 Argyle House Media Studio Refurbishment BLUE David Thresher Closed Close
DLAS009 DLAS Marketing and Communications Strategy GREEN Lauren Johnston-Smith In Progress Execute
DLAS010 Learning Analytics for DLAS AMBER Ian Mitchell In Progress Execute
DLAS011 Online Tutor Development Programme GREEN Nikki Stuart In Progress Execute
DLAS012 Establishing Platform Data Store for DLAS AMBER Andrew Stewart In Progress Build
DLAS013 Chatbots for Admissions in DLAS pilot GREEN David Thresher In Progress Execute
DLAS014 DLAS Student Lifecycle Analysis BLUE David Thresher Closed Close
DLAS015 DLAS Market Research Toolkit AMBER Lauren Johnston-Smith In Progress Plan
DLAS016 DLAS Learner and Student Communications BLUE Lauren Johnston-Smith Suspended Initiate
DLAS017 Digital Marketing MicroMasters GREEN David Thresher In Progress Plan
DLAS018 Media Asset Management System Colette Maxwell In Progress Initiate


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