This programme of work has been initiated to drive forward the vision to improve discoverability and access to digital collections for learning, teaching and research.  

The focus of the Digital Library Programme will be on developing the infrastructure to support digital scholarship activities and new interfaces to provide authorised access to large scale digitised and purchased content. It will address current issues with discoverability and content access through improving the user experience for students, researchers, and online audiences.  

This transformational programme is set to run for a minimum of three years commencing October 2018.

Kirsty Lingstadt, IS Library and University Collections Programme Owner
Karen Stirling, IS Applications - Project Services Programme Manager
Stephen Roy, IS Applications - Project Services Portfolio Manager
Gavin Willshaw, IS Library & University Collections - Digital Library Business Lead
Scott Renton, IS Library & University Collection - Development and Support Business Lead
Alex Forrest, IS Library & University Collections -Library Systems Business Lead


Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
April 2021 GREEN
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
DLIB003 Language Online - Dual Language for Collections BLUE November 2020 Alex Ross Closed Close
DLIB004 Digital Workflow - Goobi Implementation BLUE December 2020 Frankie Quinn Closed Close
DLIB005 Procurement of DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) GREEN April 2021 Alex Ross In Progress Close
DLIB006 Library Databases and Licensed Content – User Discovery and Access analysis BLUE January 2021 Alex Ross Closed Close
DLIB007 Access to All: GLAM Data and API Service GREEN April 2021 Karen Stirling In Progress Plan
DLIB008 DAMS Implementation GREEN April 2021 Alex Ross In Progress Plan
DLIB011 Automation of Digital Preservation Workflow for Digitisation GREEN April 2021 Alex Ross In Progress Execute
DLIB012 Digital Preservation System Upgrade GREEN April 2021 Alex Ross In Progress Execute
DLIB014 Collections@Ed Redesign GREEN April 2021 Alex Ross In Progress Execute
DLIB015 Online Exhibitions Platform GREEN April 2021 Alex Ross In Progress Execute