Report for October 2020

Report Date
October 2020

Report compiled by Karen Stirling, DLIB Programme Manager for Kirsty Lingstadt  (Programme Owner), Stephen Roy, Adam Wadee


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


The Programme Commentary

The programme is 

  • DLIB003 Language Online - Dual Language for Collections - Media and Image files have now been migrated, final activity underway to complete gap business analysis and prioritisation.
  • DLIB004 Digital Workflows - Goobi Implementation - UAT still in progress with initial issues  now resolved
  • DLIB005 Procurement for DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) -  project planning stage completed and approved
  • DLIB006 Library Databases and Licensed Content - User Discovery and Access Analysis - ongoing business analysis, slight delay due to availability of PM and Business Lead due to other priority projects and annual leave

The programme have been reviewing a potential new proposal for automating Digital Preservation workflows for digitisation, expecting to submit a project proposal for approval in early November.

Also completed is a LUC website review this is in conjunction with the work completed internally within LUC Digital Library team for website accessibility testing. Further discussion underway to look at a small project to look at rationalisation of LUC websites, accessibility annual  testing process and possible migration of CAHSS websites for collections.

Due to the impact of Coronavirus, SLT review of project priorities has resulted in a stronger focus on this programme of work. As such Programme Owner has submitted blue paper to ISG SLT for additional funding for FY20/21 and extra funding for FY21/22. Funding increase  has still to be confirmed.


Overall Programme RAG: GREEN


Forward Look and RAG



Resource Position




 Section Two: Projects Not Started for 20/21

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
DLIB007 Access to All Online Collections PM/BA to be requested for project expected to commence in this financial year
DLIB011 Automation of Digital Preservation Workflows for Digitisation Project proposal review completed ready for IS Apps approval


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Projects Project Manager's Commentary

DLIB003 Language Online - Dual Language for Collections

Sponsor Funded / Discretionary

Milestone Due Date
Gap Analysis for Archives Space / New Interface Requirements
Delivery of Project Outcomes 20-Nov-2020
Closure 27-Nov-2020


RAG Status :




Report by Alex Ross for October 2020

Achievements in Last Period

  • Media file migration to live environment​ completed and signed-off
  • Image file migration completed, interim process for new images agreed with TaD (pre website development)
  • Website development schedule discussions continued between TaD and 3rd party supplier Primate​
  • Archives Space functionality gap analysis (WP3) continued


  • Resource constraints caused by INF152 deployment issues impacted BA resource's ability to finish WP3 analysis by initial deadline. Delivery and Closure milestone have therefore been extended and approved by WIS

Next Steps

  • Complete Archives Space functionality gap analysis (WP3), including assigning priority and estimating effort to implement findings

  • Complete project closure activities

The project status is GREEN



DLIB004 Digital Workflows - Goobi Implementation 

Sponsor Funded / Discretionary

Milestone Due Date
UAT and Acceptance sign off 30-Oct-2020
Delivery of Project Outcomes 13-Nov-2020
Project Closure 20-Nov-2020


RAG Status : Amber





Report by Frankie Quinn for October 2020

Achievements for this Period

  • UAT has continued on the workflow
  • Issues discovered during UAT have been resolved
  • PICCL raised to change remaining project Milestones


  • During initial UAT issues were discovered with the workflow . This has meant Intranda have had to investigate the issues and resolve which caused a delay in the UAT sign off which has meant a PICCL had to be raised.
  • During conversations with the supplier it became clear that the agreement that was signed was for 5 Projects which the project team have always interpreted as being 5 different workflows. This does not seem to be the case. We have asked the supplier for their definition of a project so we can be clear on scope.
  • UAT signoff delayed slightly due to team members being off sick, this will take place on 4th November

Next steps

  • UAT on on configured workflows to be completed
  • PICCL to increase Time Budget for remaining work.
  • Deployment Sign off review
  • Project completion sign off
  • Project Closure report

The project status is Amber



DLIB005 Procurement of Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) 

Sponsor Funded / Discretionary

Milestone Date  
Short List Confirmed 05-Nov-2020  
Supplier Selected 27-Nov-2020  
Product Evaluation Complete


Implementation Plan Agreed 29-Jan-2021  
Contract Awarded 05-Feb-2021  
Closure 05-Mar-2021  


RAG Status:


Report by Alex Ross for October 2020

Achievements in Last Period

  • Project brief and project plan agreed to by team and approved by WIS​ - new milestone dates and budget confirmed

  • Wider team in-depth review of ResourceSpace undertaken

  • Further identification and analysis of potential suppliers by project team


  • No issues identified at this stage

Next Steps

  • Finalise list of suppliers to solicit quotes from​

  • Agree product specification and requirements information package to send to suppliers

  • Complete Invitation to Quote (ITQ) document and send to suppliers

The project status is GREEN




DLIB006 Library Databases and Licensed Content - User Discovery and Access Analysis

Sponsor Funded / Discretionary


Use cases


Hard drive resources analysis

30- Nov-2020

As-is assessment of current state of how resources are used in digital research

30- Nov-2020

Recommendations for improvements


Delivery complete





RAG Status : GREEN




Report by Sue Woodger for October 2020

Achievements in last period

  • Work ongoing with reviewing databases
  • Melissa Terras has offered to put BA in touch with people to help with assessing current state of how researchers use these resources


  • Leave  of both project manager and business lead impacted work completed plus PM was drawn into higher priority projects with deployments (INF152 and COM051). Minor milestones adjusted to compensate.

Next Steps

  • Meetings with subject matter experts set up
  • Consolidate information needed for use cases 
  • Set up weekly meeting between PM and Business lead


The project current status is  GREEN


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?