Report for Feb 2019

Report Date
February 2019

Report compiled by Hilary Shand


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


Programme Commentary

This programme is currently compiled of 2 projects DLIB001 & DLIB002. Both projects are pieces of Business Analysis work.


DLIB001 - Digitised Library Workflows Options Appraisal

Progress has been made in getting a brief signed off and a project kick off meeting to discuss tasks

DLIB002 - Collections as Data

Project brief signed off and stakeholder meetings scheduled



RAG Status

The programme status is currently GREEN. Both projects are progressing.


Resource Update
Project Status Name Budget 18/19 This month This year Total to Date To Complete This Year
In Progress DLIB Digital Library Programme 18/19   6 29 29 50
  DLIBPB2 18/19 Digital Library Programme Balance Row – Sponsor Funded 0 0 0 0 0
  DLIB001 Digitised Library Workflow Options Appraisal 50 4 7 7 42
  DLIB002 Collections as Data 50 1 3 3 38
In Progress Total 100 11 40 40 130
Grand Total   100 11 40 40 130



Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary




Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Digitised Library Workflows Options Appraisal Project Overview


Delivery - Options Appraisal


Delivery -Options appraisal review


Programme board approval






RAG Status


Report by Sue Woodger for February 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Project brief signed of 24 January 2019
  • Kick off meeting with team for analysis held on 7 Feb 19
  • Business analysis:  Framework for identifying systems completed and reviewed by SMEs.
  • SME’s started investigating systems to take forward. Some main ones identified and
  • Business analyst starting on requirements for system measurement
  • SharePoint site set up
  • Review meetings into diaries


  • None so far

Next Steps

  • Business analysis: complete requirements for system measurement
  • Subject matter experts: to finalise systems to be investigated





Collections as Data


Stage Milestone Due Date
Plan Planning 01-Feb-2019
Analyse Delivery - Analysis Output 13-June-2019
Deliver Delivery Review 20-June-2019
Close Closure 27-June-2019

RAG Status


Report by Hilary Shand for February 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Project brief signed off
  • Kick off meeting held with Sponsor, BA and SME
  • Business analysis:  Questionnaire compiled for stakeholder interviews
  • Initial stakeholder meetings scheduled
  • Review meetings scheduled


  • Availability of senior stakeholders for initial meetings has proved problematic - new issue raised

Next Steps

  • Meet with senior stakeholders
  • Interview Library SME's and stakeholders
  • Submit PICCL for change in milestones


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary






Programme Info