Report for July 2019

Report Date
August 2019

Report compiled by Hilary Shand


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


Programme Commentary

This programme is currently compiled of 2 projects DLIB001 & DLIB002. Both projects are pieces of Business Analysis work.


DLIB001 - Digitised Library Workflows Options Appraisal

DLIB002 - Collections as Data

Work has been progressing with both of these projects. Milestones for DLIB001 have moved to allow for time for engagement with suppliers. DLIB002 analysis output has been compiled and shared with the Sponsor.

Additionally, work on detailing the work for the Website amendment's and Digital Scholarship Tools work streams has been slow to progress and required renewed effort in the next phase.. A prioritised backlog for the website has now been created. Also work has commenced on considering the service design for Digital Scholarship Tools.

Programme activities regarding Stakeholder engagement, benefits identification and programme blueprint are continuing however the pace is slower than hoped, this may be due to Annual Leave at this time of the year. The SharePoint communications hub has now been created and launched.

User Vision Services have provided their report for the Sponsors consideration.


RAG Status

The programme status is currently GREEN. Both projects are progressing. Programme level activities also progressing.


Resource Update



Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary




Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Digitised Library Workflows Options Appraisal Project Overview


Options Appraisal

01-Aug -2019

Delivery-Options Appraisal review

12-Aug -2019

Programme board approval

26-Aug -2019


02-Sep -2019




RAG Status


Report by Sue Woodger for July 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • The project was extended to take into account the PIN process under Procurements Market Engagement strategy. Demonstrations of potential systems were lined up between 5 and 24 July which was extended to 29 July
  • Demos have now completed and a discussion around who to take forward has been discussed and just now needs approval from the project team
  • Business lead set up a spreadsheet to capture comparisons between products


  • No other issues

Next Steps

  • Business lead to complete the comparison spreadsheet
  • PM to complete the final write up and recommendations
  • Contact suppliers we are not taking forward
  • Contact suppliers we are taking forward with timelines  and more questions





Collections as Data


Plan Planning 01-Feb-2019
Analyse Analysis Output 31-Jul-2019
Deliver Delivery Review 01-Aug-2019
Close Closure 09-Aug-2019


RAG Status


Report by Hilary Shand for July 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Analysis output compiled


  • Change in milestones, see below

Next Steps

  • Review & consider analysis
  • Circulate output as appropriate
  • Consider next steps and summary of findings


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Managers Commentary






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