Overview of Programme

The purpose of the Digital Library Programme is to drive forward the vision to improve discoverability and access to content and digital collections for learning, teaching and research. The focus will be on developing the infrastructure to support digital scholarship activities and new interfaces to provide authorised access to large scale digitised and purchased content supported by digital scholarship tools such as OCR and ICR of early printed texts, text and data mining tools etc.

The proposed programme will address current issues with discoverability and content access through improving the user experience for students, researchers, and online audiences. 

The ambition is that this programme will:

  • deliver efficiencies to the university’s digitisation work by providing a streamlined and more efficient workflow for material being digitised from the unique collections at Edinburgh
  • support new efficient ways of managing this content
  • surface Library and Collections content for teaching where users are
  • ensure that this content is accessible and discoverable by users in both the short and long term
  • improve search and discovery interfaces for library, archive, museum and art collections with a strong focus on user requirements
  • allow users to engage with online content through crowdsourcing platforms
  • increase the volume of digital content to support digital scholarship and research