February 2017

Report Date
February 2017




Code Programme Owner and Manager Commentary RAG Manager Status  Stage

Apps to User Devices

PgM : Design under way. We have an issue around delivery of SSD's - the lead time for this is 90 days, ,taking us into July. Currently, Martin Campbell is looking at whether we have spare SSD's that could be used  for a workaround.  


GREEN Maurice Franceschi In Progress Design
DTP002 Software Asset Management Procurement and Implementation BLUE David Watters Closed Close
DTP005 Software Entitlement BLUE Vladimir Zirojevic Withdrawn Close
DTP007 Supported Desktop for Mac BLUE David Watters Closed Close
DTP010 Deployment of pilot MDM solution   Vladimir Zirojevic Not Started Initiate
DTP011 Deploy Supported DeskTop for Mac   Jon March Not Started Initiate