Report for October 2017

Report Date
October 2017

ITI - Desktop Services (DTP) Report


Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Overall Programme RAG: AMBER

The programme status is set as Green as we remain confident of delivering the priority project DTP001


Programme Owner and Manager Overview

Codesort descending Programme Owner commentary, with Programme Manager updating as necessary RAG Manager Status Stage

Apps to User Devices  

The most significant event for the project has been the financial difficulties of the Atlantis company, whose product is a main component of the technical solution.

Another major impact has been that due to the deployment of Windows 10 being postponed from start of term (DTP008/13), key desktop colleague Mark Wiseman is now required to help with preparing Windows 7 for extended use in 2017/18, which will keep him of the project until end of August.

Next Steps

•resolve technical issues •outcome of Atlantis decision – replan •project board meeting and approval of Atlantis, descope of NvIvo •communication plan draft •UAT planning and user engagement draft  Future Milestones

AMBER Maurice Franceschi In Progress Build
DTP015 Mobile Device Management   Maurice Franceschi Not Started Initiate