This is the section's set of projects delivering benefits to users of technology and services through transformation, growth and ongoing maintenance projects. As a whole, the projects are related by their shared resource, overall budget and broad alignment to strategic objectives so is more a sub-portfolio with the overall ITI portfolio than a formal programme of projects related to a common outcome in benefits or capability.


  Programme Owner and Section Manager : Vlad Zirojevic     Programme Manager : Maurice Franceschi

Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
DTP001 Apps Ed BLUE November 2020 Gail Devaney Closed Close
DTP014 Deployment of MAC Desktop to Staff BLUE May 2018 Jon March Closed Close
DTP015 Mobile Device Management BLUE April 2018 Vladimir Zirojevic Withdrawn Initiate
DTP016 Software Assset Management Procurement BLUE May 2019 Maurice Franceschi Closed Close
DTP017 Deployment of MAC Desktop to Labs BLUE August 2022 Maurice Franceschi Closed Close

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