Report for April 2019

Report Date
April 2019

Report compiled by Hilary Shand for Programme Owner

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Assessment has been ongoing in consideration of hosting the WS02 gateway and management tool in the cloud. This has resulted in slowing pace of delivery of other programme activities such as the Target Operating Model and Stakeholder Engagement. Now that a decision has been reached to support the could solution,the programme can be re-planned for the remainder of the year.

  • DTI018 (Continuous Service Improvement APIs) - work is now progressing on the UniDesk API
  • DTI026 (API Gateway and API Management Tool) - handover activities are continuing in anticipation of a delivery team members departure from post
  • DTI028 (Infrastructure) - work is ongoing on the Python templates
  • DTI029 (Maturing the Service) - minimal progress. Currently being reviewed.

Programme Status is currently Red. There has been various changes to effort and timelines across DTI026 & DTI028/029. As a result 3 projects are now status Red and one is Amber (DTI018). A deep dive into programme budget is underway, however, initial assessment shows a potential overspend to date of 7k.

Resource Summary

Effort is currently being confirmed for several work packages, also delivery dates have moved based on resource bookings. Therefore resourcing will need to be assessed in depth as some days of effort will move into next financial year and other effort will be realigned with remaining deliverables.


Portfolio (All)          
Programme Digital Transformation - Enterprise APIs (API)          
Category (All)          
Project Status Name Budget 18/19 This month This year Total to Date To Complete This Year
In Progress DTI018 Continuous Service Improvement 100 12 71 294 30
  DTI028 Maturing the API Infrastructure   13 79 125 51
  DTI029 Maturing the API Service 100 2 39 116 24
  DTI026 API Gateway and API Management Tool   26 145 254 35
  DTIP03 18/19 Enterprise APIs Programme Mgmt 89 17 209 209 15
In Progress Total 289 69 543 998 154
Grand Total   289 69 543 998 154


Section Two: Projects Not Started

There are no projects not started.

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info                                                                                   Project Manager's Commentary

DTI026 API Gateway and API Management Tool



Milestone Due Date
Build (Install and Configure WS02) 28-Feb-2019
Accept WS02 and Service Model 19-Apr-2019
Delivery (Deploy WS02) 26-Apr-2019
Closure 10-May-2019



Report for April 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Handover activity undertaken within Development Technology – build documents completed
  • Analysis of differences with Cloud solution


  • The Build, testing, handover, acceptance and deployment milestones have been missed due to delays experienced in:

    • resolving the disaster scenario procedure (now resolved).
    • testing, acceptance and deployment being put on hold in order to focus on handover activity in Development Technology and discussions regarding a potential change in scope to WSO2 in the Cloud
  • As a result, the Time RAG remains at RED this month as a revised project delivery date is to be agreed pending a decision on project scope and will move back by more than 1 month.
  • A suggestion has been put forward to move to trial the WSO2 Cloud solution.  A meeting should take place to discuss how this affects the project scope and existing build, plus the associated impact on timescales and budget.  As a result, scope has been marked as RED this month.

  • Development Technology team member leaving post later in May.  Handover activity is underway to pass on the knowledge and document what has been learnt about WSO2, including the associated procedures to deploy it.  Two other team members have been identified to be receive the handover.  Resources have been marked as AMBER for now as other commitments have competed for time, and the handover has not yet been completed.  Cost has been marked as AMBER as some additional cost has been incurred to invest the required time in the handover and involving others.

  • Additional time and effort was spent resolving the Disaster scenario, above the original estimates, so the Cost RAG has been shown as Amber due to this pushing the overall project estimate over budget.

  • DR/resilience position – the recommendation to externalise the database has been successfully implemented so this issue was closed.

  • No decision made on which existing API is to be used first in WSO2.  The sponsor is discussing this with the Business Lead and will confirm.

Next Steps

  • Decision to be made on potential move to trialling the WSO2 Cloud solution and impact on project scope

  • Confirm re-planned milestones and review budget requirements

  • Complete handover activity within Development Technology – specifically working though the deployment steps to ensure continuity of knowledge

DTI028 Maturing the API Infrastructure


Milestone Due Date
WP 4.1 - Python templates 08-Mar-2019
WP 8 API Standards 15-Mar-2019
WP 6.2 Security Scanning – Dependency Check 22-Mar-2019
WP 7.1 and 7.2 Centralised Logging (writing/reporting to logs) 29-Mar-2019
WP 6.1 – Security Scanning – ZAP 05-Apr-2019
Approval of API standards and security scanning 05-Apr-2019
Closure 26-Apr-2019



Report for April 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Continued work on Python templates


  • Python APIs build estimate has increased significantly and cannot be absorbed within the existing project budget.  Additional budget will be sought through the sponsorship group.  As a result, the Cost RAG remains at RED this month.

  • Resource conflict regarding Security Scanning tasks has meant that they will have to be reassigned for 2019/20.  Time RAG remains at RED this month.  Planning meeting scheduled to review project tasks and estimates against remaining project effort.
  • Additional scope to bring in security deliverables from DTI029 into DTI028 confirmed.  As a result, the Scope RAG revised to RED this month.

  • Implications of WSO2 moving to the cloud have yet to be incorporated into the project.

Next Steps

  • Propose revised budget and timeline for consideration by sponsorship group and programme board
  • Work continuation on Python templates
  • Work on API standards to be rescheduled

DTI029 Maturing the API Service

Revised Milestones To Be Confirmed



Report for April 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Work on planning a proposed Target Operating Model work on-going.
  • Events API reviewed and new delivery date tbc.


No New issues

Next Steps

  • Completion of D7 Events Utility Booking development deliverables.
  • Assign D4 Secure Software Development Standard to DTI028 and updated project schedule accordingly.
  • Agree new milestones for project.



Continuous Service Improvement APIs

Delivery (end of design / build / accept / deploy iterations) 19-Jul-2019
Deployment review 24-Jul-2019
Close 31-Jul-2019





Report for April 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Work is well underway on the Unidesk API

  • Decision taken to progress development using NGINX configuration - NGINX config files are now complete

  • Resource assigned in Asta in order to integrate the config into the existing puppet configuration once the API users set up in Unidesk by Service Management


  • Software Development's booking for building the API has expired.  This has been discussed this with the Resource Manager, and a meeting has been arranged with the developer to agree how best to manage the remaining effort on the Unidesk API  – it may be possible to manage this alongside the UWP023 work given that there is still nearly 3d effort remaining on the booking.

  • It has not yet been possible to establish the status of the testing of the Pure API – this has been escalated to Service Management.

  • Budget is likely to be exceeded by more than 20%

Next Steps

  • Complete Unidesk API development, testing and deployment

  • Complete testing of Pure API (see issue opposite)

  • Start person ID resolver API for EDW (to start after delivery of Unidesk API)



Section Four: Closed, Suspended or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
DTI013 Analysis and Specification of Requirements Project closure approved by WIS 2/2/18
DTI014 Enterprise API Technology Project closure approved by WIS 17/11/17
DTI015 Student Record APIs Project closure approved by WIS 1/9/17
DTI016 UCP Pilot API

22/12/17 - Project withdrawal approved by WIS 22/12/17 - PICCL Change 6

6/12/17 - Recommendation is to withdraw and review requirements again in 18/19 due to PICCL Issue 5, project risk 5

13/10/17 - Project suspension approved by WIS 13/10/17 - PICCL Change 4


Project closure approved by WIS 23/3/18

5/2/18 - Recommendation is to close project early - PICCL Decision 8

6/12/17 - Recommendation is to review conditions for removing project from suspension in 18/19, PICCL Change 7, project risk 10, project risk 11

17/11/17 - Project suspension approved by WIS 17/11/17 - PICCL Change 7

DTI023 Analysis and Requirements Project withdrawal approved by WIS 15/12/17 - PICCL Change 1
DTI024 Maturing Student Record APIs Project closure submitted to WIS 29/6/18
DTI025 Approved Small APIs Project withdrawal approved by WIS 13/10/17 - PICCL Change 1
COM027 Enterprise API Foundation Project closure approved by WIS  9/6/17

Section Five: Actions/Notes from monthly meeting :




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