Report for May 2019

Report Date
May 2019

Report compiled by Hilary Shand for Programme Owner

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Impact of change to a cloud based provision of the API Gateway and Management Tool has been assessed and configuration of WS02 is underway. Focus has shifted to considering delivery of service.

  • DTI018 (Continuous Service Improvement APIs) - PURE API has now been deployed in Live.
  • DTI026 (API Gateway and API Management Tool) - configuration ongoing. Project closure proposed, and plan new project
  • DTI028 (Infrastructure) - Python work ongoing
  • DTI029 (Maturing the Service) - ongoing workshop sessions considering Service Model. Events attendance API progressing.


Resource Summary



Section Two: Projects Not Started

There are no projects not started.

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info                                                                                   Project Manager's Commentary

DTI026 API Gateway and API Management Tool



Milestone Due Date
Build (Install and Configure WS02) 28-Feb-2019
Accept WS02 and Service Model 19-Apr-2019
Delivery (Deploy WS02) 26-Apr-2019
Closure 10-May-2019



Report for May 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Decision made by API Programme Board to pursue the WSO2 Cloud solution as
  • Analysis started of differences between WSO2 on-premise and WSO2 Cloud solutions


  • Awaiting a decision as to whether to close this project, or to keep this project open and revise the scope/time/budget

Next Steps

  • Make decision on project closure or continuation 

DTI028 Maturing the API Infrastructure


Milestone Due Date
WP 4.1 - Python templates 08-Mar-2019
WP 8 API Standards 15-Mar-2019
WP 6.2 Security Scanning – Dependency Check 22-Mar-2019
WP 7.1 and 7.2 Centralised Logging (writing/reporting to logs) 29-Mar-2019
WP 6.1 – Security Scanning – ZAP 05-Apr-2019
Approval of API standards and security scanning 05-Apr-2019
Closure 26-Apr-2019



Report for May 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Continued  work on Python templates.
  • Work on outstanding work packages rescheduled due to resource conflict.  Revised dates yet to be approved by WIS are as follows:-
    • WP 4.1 Python templates: 19/07/2019 (was 08/03/2019)

    • WP 7.1 and 7.2 Centralised Logging: 19/07/2019 (was 29/03/2019)

    • WP 8 API Standards: 26/07/2019 (was 15/03/2019)

    • WP 6.2 Security Scanning  - Dependency Check: 30/08/2019 (was 22/03/2019)

    • WP 6.1 - Security Scanning - ZAP: 27/09/2019 (was 05/04/2019 )

    • D6 Secure Software Development: 11/10/2019 (was 31/07/2019 )

    • Approval of API standards and security scanning: 11/10/2019 (was 05/04/2019 )

    • Project closure: 25/10/2019 (was 26/04/2019 )

  • Rescheduled dates also include transition of task D6 from DTI029 into DTI028.


  • Python APIs build estimate has increased significantly and cannot be absorbed within the existing project budget.  Additional budget will be sought through the sponsorship group.  

  • Resource conflict regarding Security Scanning tasks has meant that they will have to be reassigned for 2019/20. 
  • Implications of WSO2 moving to the cloud have yet to be incorporated into the project.

Next Steps

  • Propose revised budget and timeline for consideration by sponsorship group and programme board.
  • Work continuation on Python templates.
  • Revised schedule and rebalanced budget to be raised at WIS.

DTI029 Maturing the API Service

Revised Milestones To Be Confirmed



Report for May 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Work on planning a proposed Target Operating Model work on-going.
  • Events API development complete.  To undergo final review before sign off.


No New issues

Next Steps

  • Completion of D7 Events Utility Booking development deliverable.  Schedule project sponsor demo.
  • Assign D4 Secure Software Development Standard to DTI028 and updated project schedule accordingly to be approved.
  • Agree and get approval for new milestones for project.



Continuous Service Improvement APIs

Delivery (end of design / build / accept / deploy iterations) 19-Jul-2019
Deployment review 24-Jul-2019
Close 31-Jul-2019





Report for May 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Pure API
    • The API was deployed to Live 
  • Unidesk API
    • Further development work is re-scheduled for start June due to a resource conflict (the work will make the API compatible with the version of the Topdesk API that we are using) - see Issue 18


  • Change 17 - Change to project budget

  • Issue 18 - Delay to development of Unidesk API

  • Issue 19 - Delay to completion of UAT of PURE API

Next Steps

  • Complete Unidesk API development, testing and deployment

  • Start person ID resolver API for EDW (to start after delivery of Unidesk API)



Section Four: Closed, Suspended or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
DTI013 Analysis and Specification of Requirements Project closure approved by WIS 2/2/18
DTI014 Enterprise API Technology Project closure approved by WIS 17/11/17
DTI015 Student Record APIs Project closure approved by WIS 1/9/17
DTI016 UCP Pilot API

22/12/17 - Project withdrawal approved by WIS 22/12/17 - PICCL Change 6

6/12/17 - Recommendation is to withdraw and review requirements again in 18/19 due to PICCL Issue 5, project risk 5

13/10/17 - Project suspension approved by WIS 13/10/17 - PICCL Change 4


Project closure approved by WIS 23/3/18

5/2/18 - Recommendation is to close project early - PICCL Decision 8

6/12/17 - Recommendation is to review conditions for removing project from suspension in 18/19, PICCL Change 7, project risk 10, project risk 11

17/11/17 - Project suspension approved by WIS 17/11/17 - PICCL Change 7

DTI023 Analysis and Requirements Project withdrawal approved by WIS 15/12/17 - PICCL Change 1
DTI024 Maturing Student Record APIs Project closure submitted to WIS 29/6/18
DTI025 Approved Small APIs Project withdrawal approved by WIS 13/10/17 - PICCL Change 1
COM027 Enterprise API Foundation Project closure approved by WIS  9/6/17

Section Five: Actions/Notes from monthly meeting :




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