Report for November 2019

Report Date
November 2019

Programme Commentary

We have had resource challenges this month due to long term absence. Project Services is trying to address these at the moment and the issue has been escalated to the highest level.

Work on the individual projects is progressing with much of the work coming towards conclusion. We will aim to close most of this work as soon as possible with carry over tasks moving to business as usual.

DTI018 (Continuous Service Improvement APIs) - Pure API and EDW Person API delivered to WS02. Testing work on UniDesk API.

DTI026 (API Gateway and API Management Tool) - Finalising for closure.

DTI028 (Infrastructure) - deliverables regarding security are progressing. Ready to go to next IGG for final approval.

DTI029 (Maturing the service) - tasks rescheduled for project closure. 

Programme status is Amber as there have been resourcing challenges as explained above.

We haven't been able to focus as much on the people change side as planned due to absence to move to an API First way of working. We intend to focus on this in January.

Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
Escalated to
Mark Ritchie, Head of Project Services
RAG Commentary
Resource challenges in November. Not able to focus as much as planned on the people side of the change to API First ways of working. This will be picked up in January.