Report for April 2020

Report Date
April 2020

We are working towards the conclusion of this phase of the API programme, aiming to launch the initial API service.

There are some development and testing tasks that are nearing completion that have had issues to resolve in order to complete.

Service management and development are collaborating on completion of the initial service delivery model for APIs. This has taken longer than anticipated because of resource pressures within Service Management and Development but is making steady progress.

If resource pressures in Service Management and Development could be eased then this work could complete more quickly.

We are in early stages of a re-planning exercise to clarify the longer term vision for API's at the University.

Section Two: Projects Not Started

There are no projects not started.

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info                                                                                   Project Manager's Commentary




Delivery of EDW Person Resolver ID API 20-Mar-2020
Delivery of PURE Id Resolver API 20-Mar-2020
Delivery of UniDesk API 03-Apr-2020
Deployment review 17-Apr-2020
Close 24-Apr-2020





Report for April 2020

Achievements in Last Period

  • PURE Resolver Id API 

    • Completion of regression testing within WSO2 and signed off.

  • Unidesk API
    • Liaise with Service Team regarding progression through internal Test and prep prior to external testing.  

    • Tester still unable to receive response.  Ticket returned to 

    • Software Dev corrected outstanding issues with API and re-released for test.

  • Person ID resolver API for EDW

    • Testing raised issue with incomplete responses.  Investigation ongoing.


  • With UniDesk upgrade on the horizon should we continue to develop the present API.  It was confirmed that the API being developed at present would remain in use during the staggered upgrade and was therefore worth continuing with.

Next Steps

  • PURE Resolver Id API 

    • Complete deployment checklist

    • Creation and sign off of authentication SharePoint site for locker process .

    • Authentication process added to Production Wiki page.  

  • Unidesk API

    • Liaise with Service Team regarding progression through internal Test and prep prior to external testing.

    • Sign off of internal testing of API via WSO2. 

    • Initiation of external testing.  St Andrews lined up as test external institution. 

    • Promotion of API from Test to Live.

  • Person ID resolver API for EDW

    • Correction of error and re-release for test.

    • Completion of testing within WSO2 and signed off.  

  • Handover process for API's to be agreed.  Liaise with Service and Production Management regarding support and handover process.


DTI026 API Gateway and API Management Tool



Milestone Due Date
Delivery 27-Mar-2020
Closure 3-April-2020



Report for April 2020

Achievements in Last Period

  • Update project report in step with agreed closure process.

  • Closure report released for initial review.


  • At this point in time it is not clear roles and responsibilities regarding ongoing support.  It has been agreed this should be picked up by DTI029 Maturing the API Service allowing this project to progress to closure.

Next Steps

  • Update project based on received feedback.

  • Close project


DTI029 Maturing the API Service

Milestone Due Date
Delivery - D10 (Forward visibility of the API pipeline) 04-June-2020
Deployment Review 26-June-2020
Closure 17-July-2020




Report for April 2020

Achievements in Last Period

  • Service Management and Development Services continue to build on initial service delivery model.
  • Weekly review meetings continuing to revive project momentum.
  • Development Services reviewing and updating initial framework documentation as a result of project evolution.


  • Present plan is for Service Management and Development Services to develop the initial service delivery model. Service management and development have little spare capacity to devote to this exercise and it is therefore taking longer than expected to complete. Once this is completed the scope of remaining tasks and responsibility for them will become clear.
  • It has been proposed that the scope of this project should be increased to include the merge of IS instance of WSO2 with that of People and Money.  This needs to be formally agreed before being raised as revised scope.

Next Steps

  • Publishing process to be agreed and then raised with People and Money.
  • Service "Walk Through" scheduled with Production Management and Enterprise Architecture.
  • Service Management and Development Services to complete development of initial service delivery model.
  • Clarify tasks and those responsible to complete tasks to deliver initial service model and re-plan project accordingly.
  • Revised service to be raised with Project Services PMO.
  • Commence review of Communications tasks to publicise the API service.




DTI028 - API Gateway and API Management Tool

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RAG Status

BLUE (Closed)

Report by Ken Miller 


Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
Escalated to
Stefan Kaempf, Dave Berry
RAG Commentary
Amber due to resource issues within Service Management and Development mean that forming the operating model for APIs is taking much longer than expected.