Overview of Programme

Programme Overview

The Enterprise APIs Programme is part of the Digital Transformation Portfolio and will deliver a number of APIs supporting the User Centred Portal Pilot and Service Excellence Programme and other digitalisation and transformation Programmes across the University.

The Enterprise APIs Programme will develop an easy-to-use API framework for software developers across the University to enable them to build flexible systems more quickly, securely, and at lower cost.  The delivery of APIs will support improved working across functional areas, and will allow corporate data to be used more effectively, and by different applications across the University.

Overview of APIs

There is a need to transform the online experience of students, applicants, alumni, staff and other members of the University community to provide tailored information via personalised digital services.

To deliver these personalised digital services requires a way to plug into information from central systems and use it in new and innovative ways , like new websites, apps for mobile devices and MyEd portlets (also known as channels).

Plugging into the information can be achieved by using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

So what is an API? Most people know that websites and apps are built using code, and sometimes that code is purposefully hidden for commercial reasons.

But when parts of hidden code are made accessible it allows developers to innovate and build further tools. That accessible bit of code is what’s called the Application Programme Interface or API. What developers build onto these APIs are called applications.

The use of API technology beyond the integration of large, complex business systems has grown rapidly in recent years and with the proliferation of devices and mobile technology, API use in getting data from one place to another – from connecting business systems, to mobile devices and apps – has expanded.  That’s because APIs allow data to be accessed securely and consistently across multiple devices, a tremendously valuable resource for the University. 

Programme Summary - Years 1-2

The Programme will take into account any lessons learned and best practice developed as part of the delivery of the Foundation Enterprise API by project COM027. 

A number of projects are planned (subject to prioritisation agreed by the Programme Steering Group) - see Projects Dossier.