Our vision is to: "Deliver the tools that enable evidence-based decision making across the University"

​We will do this by:​

  • Develop a consistent University data architecture​

  • Identifying strategic objectives, key stakeholders and business requirements​

  • Consistently communicating and engaging with key stakeholders across the University​

  • Developing new BI/MI tools and capabilities​

  • Establishing an effective, sustainable business-as-usual service​

Code RAG Manager Status Stage
DTI031 Developing the BI Community (DTI031) BLUE Daniel Emerson Withdrawn Close
DTI032 Business Reporting and Analytics Service Enhancement (DTI032) BLUE Geoff Cropley Closed Close
DTI033 QlikView Consolidation (DTI033) BLUE Jay Heer Closed Close
DTI034-1 Qlik Implementation GREEN Geoff Cropley In Progress Deliver
DTI046-1 BI Tools Framework GREEN Geoff Cropley Closed Close
DTI047 BI Embed and Optimise AMBER Geoff Cropley In Progress Execute