Report for September 2018

Report Date
September 2018

Report compiled by  Daniel Emerson (Programme Manager) for Alex Carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary




Key Achievements in Last Period

  • Completed DT budget review – no change to BI Tools budget.
  • Resolved scope for Qlik Implementation (DTI 034)
    • Delineating to provide time to ensure a strategic approach is taken whilst allowing the ongoing installation of Qlik products.
  • Resolved scope for BI Framework (DTI 046)
    • Focusing the strategy element just on the reporting tools. Wider BI strategy to be taken forward by Lynda Hutchison.

Top Issues

  • Establish a clear scope for project: Developing the BI Community (DTI 031) and decide how best to proceed.

Key Next Steps

  • End of planning submission: Qlik Implementation (DTI 034)
  • Estimate and initiate new project to pick up descoped items from DTI 034
  • Consider BI Tools data security (authorisation) integration with EDW, potential candidate for inclusion in new project.
  • Re-assess and re-prioritise the programme projects against remaining time and budget
  • Work with other programmes to lay out the vision for BI/MI capability going forward.
  • End of planning submission: BI Framework (DTI 046)


Overall the programme is rated at AMBER.

There are some delays in projects, and uncertainties around scope of the Community project (DTI 031) which has no allocated budget this year, flagged as RED. There are also uncertainties around the effort involved in setting up Qlik products (particularly authorisation security) and consolidating/migrating the existing QlikView applications in use. It is possible this could require significantly more work than originally estimated, and raises an Amber risk that we cannot meet all the original programme deliverables within budget.


Status and Forward Look

Resource Summary

Note: Budget for 18/19 not showing, will seek assistance to correct.

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
DTI047 Embed & Optimise  Initiated. Planned Start Jan-19  
 DTI048 BI Search Space  Planned Start Apr-19  

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

DTI031 - Develop the BI Community






02-Feb-2018 Exit Planning

14-Jul-2018   Project Delivery

28-Jul-2018   Project Closure   

Report by Daniel Emerson
September 2018

This project was previously considered for withdrawal (at BIT board meeting 23/05) due to difficulty defining and measuring clear deliverables. Received a proposal for developing a BI community from service management. The proposal will inform whether it makes sense to continue the activity as a re-defined project, or incorporate it into BAU activities.


Achievements this period

  • Received a proposal for developing a BI community from service management.


  • Difficulty defining and measuring clear deliverables
  • If continuing as a project there is no budget allocated in 18/19

Next Steps

  • Review proposal, re-define or withdraw project.



The project is reporting a status of red, being over two months past the expected closure date and with uncertainty around the scope going forward.





DTI 034 - Qlik Implementation




13/08/2018 Start

30-Sep-2018      Planning

15-Jan-2019      Delivery

15-Feb-2019      Project Closure


Project is now in the planning stage

Achievements this period

  • High level time lines and costings have been received by external supplier
  • Hardware requirements for servers have been provided and order placed to commission


  • Uncertainty surrounding the project scope has delayed the creation of the Project Brief

Next Steps

  • Finalise Project Brief
  • Project Kick-off meeting 08/10/2018
  • move through the planning phase of the project

RAG - Amber

Time and Scope are listed as Amber, due to uncertainty on the project scope and the delay this has caused in the drafting of the Project Brief


DTI046 - BI Framework








Report by Geoff Cropley for August 2018

Achievements this period

Project planning and project brief has been completed and awaiting key stakeholder identification and engagement.  Project charter and Strategy workshop inputs have been completed together with the Communications plan.



Next Steps

Identification of business key business stakeholders to complete the project team.  Submission of project brief through project governance.


RAG - Green




Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary