Report for October 2018

Report Date
October 2018

Report compiled by  Daniel Emerson (Programme Manager) for Alex Carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary




Key Achievements in Last Period

  • Continued work to define the ongoing BI/MI programme going forward, and giving a clearer focus to this programme within that.
  • Refined scope for BI Framework (DTI 046) with new focus to cover all service elements needed to support the BI Tools going forward and identified value add elements for future.
  • Completed project brief for Qlik Implementation (DTI 034), awaiting sign off from Production.
  • Agreed at BI Tools board to withdraw ‘Developing the BI Community’ (DTI 031).

Top Issues

  • Unplanned leave of PM caused additional delays to Qlik Implementation (DTI 034).

Key Next Steps

  • End of planning submission: Qlik Implementation (DTI 034).
  • End of planning submission: BI Framework (DTI 046).
  • Continue engaging with Enterprise Architecture on BI Tools security and integration with EDW.
  • Write the programme brief for ongoing BI/MI activity.


Overall the programme is rated at AMBER.

This is partly due to delays to both running projects, caused by unplanned PM absence and scope changes during this time of reviewing our wider BI/MI strategy and the context of this programme within that. There are also uncertainties around the effort involved in setting up Qlik products (and necessary supporting mechanisms to address security) and consolidating/migrating the existing QlikView applications.


Status and Forward Look

Resource Summary


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
DTI047 Embed & Optimise  Initiated. Planned Start Jan-19  
 DTI048 BI Search Space  Planned Start Apr-19  

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

DTI031 - Develop the BI Community






02-Feb-2018 Exit Planning

14-Jul-2018   Project Delivery

28-Jul-2018   Project Closure   

Report by Daniel Emerson

October 2018

This project has been considered for withdrawal since May. Service Management have identified options in how they may support a BI Community, and it is widely agreed that growing that community requires the development of tangible outputs of relevance to them.  Establishing a BI Community can't really come before the development of applications and services to engage them in a meaningful way. It is also an evolving objective, not particularly suited to a project and associated methodology. This is a key component of our BI/MI Strategy, which will likely see cumulative engagement of new users as they see something relevant to them in motion. It will be met by an appropriate comms plan, a means of raising and responding to queries as outlined by Service Management, and regular sessions for key users to input into the ongoing development and maturing of our BI capability.


Achievements this period

Agreed at BI Tools board (01/11/2018) to withdraw the project.

Next Steps

Withdraw the project.

Community engagement and development will be a fundamental component of ongoing BI/MI strategy and comms plans going forward.

Service Management have identified various options for supporting a community forum as part of BAU.


The project is reporting a status of GREEN. It is significantly late (never been submitted to planning) but in process to be withdrawn, pending approval.





DTI 034 - Qlik Implementation




13/08/2018 Start

30-Sep-2018      Planning

15-Jan-2019      Delivery

15-Feb-2019      Project Closure


Report by Jamie Thin for October
Project is in planning

Achievements this period

  • Project estimate done by previous PM
  • Project Brief published to Projects website
  • High level timelines and costings have been received by external supplier
  • Hardware requirements for servers have been provided and order placed to ITI


  • Change of PM - Jay Heer unavailable (family circumstances) , handover to Jamie Thin for temp PM cover
  • Change to End of Planning milestone -moved from 30-Sept to 26-Oct to 9-Nov
  • Uncertainty surrounding the project scope previously  delayed the creation of the Project Brief, now agreed that DTI034 will build the infrastructure to enable individual migration projects to go Live, get Qlikview to 'ready to go live' status

Next Steps

  • Sign-off Project Brief and End of Planning milestone
  • Start build of DEV env once 'on-premises' servers available from ITI

RAG - Amber

End of Planning delayed due to unavailability of previous Project Manager and change of Project Manager

DTI046 - BI Framework







Report by Geoff Cropley for October 2018


Achievements this period

Project planning has been been delayed after a review of the project scope and deliverables.  A change request will be submitted to support the scope changes and to accommodate the delay.



Next Steps

Identification of scope and deliverables. Produce change request and submission of project brief through project governance.

RAG - Amber

Project delayed as the result of scope and deliverables changes.



Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary