Report for November 2017

Report Date
November 2017

Report compiled by Chris Nick Tordoff (Programme Manager) for Alex Carter (Programme Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Key Achievements in Last Period

  • Engagement with University stakeholders in Colleges and GASP.
  • Initial discussions with IS stakeholder.
  • Approval to exit planning for Power BI project.
  • Modelling of programme benefits aligned to the BI/MI Strategy
  • Creation of initial Project Dossier

Top issues

  • Access to Procurement for advice on potential procurement routes.

Key Next Steps

  • Obtain approval to commence planning for projects to target project initiation at the start of January
  • Set up meeting of BI Community stakeholder group
  • Establish the framework for the stakeholder engagement event
  • Agree tool procurement model

Status and Forward Look


Resource Summary

*this has been from the standard report to show the transfer of HSS019 into this programme and the 26 days budget allocated from CAHSS. This has now been updated in Asta and will be included in next months extract

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
Develop the BI Community  Planned to start Jan-18
BI support  service enhancements Planned to start Jan-18  
Qlikview Procurement Planned to start Jan-18    
Qlikview Implementation  Planned Start Jun-18  
Tool 3 Implementation Planned to start Aug-18  
Operational Reporting Requirements Analysis Planned to start Aug-18  

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  

HSS019- Power BI Gateway Service









Report by Geoff Cropley for November 2017

Achievements this period

The project has been moved into Digital Transformation as there are significant synergies with the programme. 

The existing scope and milestones remain unchanged.

The original funding of 20 days ring fenced allocation from CHASS Portfolio  has been transferred into Digital Transformation and augmented by an additional 26 days from digital transformation to complete the work.

With the move to the programme, the risk profile increases significantly and the risk register has been updated to reflect the new position. 

The project has started and is on track for a January 2018 deployment of the original deliverables. 


The BI Tools Programme as part of the Digital Transformation Portfolio will implement a range of end user BI tools including PowerBI. 

In the college project,  CAHSS were implementing an enterprise gateway for Power BI to support only its current use within the school to access the local systems, two dashboards.  In doing so it will not meet the needs of the wider BI Tools programme.  

For the gateway service to able to meet the needs of the wider BI tools programme a subsequent project will have to be established to scale up the service to support university wide use.

Next Steps

Continue with planned activities





Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects