Report for Sept 2019

Report Date
September 2019

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Programme Commentary

Overall the programme is AMBER.

Problem with long-term solution for  EDW access and authorisations is unresolved

  • short-term workaround agreed to allow access for EST109 Estates Strategic reporting UAT , and for testing of DTI049 HR datamart

Open issues with DTI034 and DTI047 have prevented these projects from being closed by planned closure date of 31-July 2019.

Key Achievements in Last Period

  • DTI034- testing of ADFS config for Qliksense SSO  in TEST successful 
  • Options appraisal for  EDW data access and authorisations progressing 
    • business requirements and additional info on technical options gathered

Top Issues

  • Need to agree a long-term solution for EDW access and authorisations, and any budget implication

Key Next Steps

  • Close DTI034 and DTI047



Status and Forward Look

DTI BI Tools RAG to end July 2019



Resource Summary to end of July 2019

DTI BI Tools actual spend to end July 2019




Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary  



DTI034 - Qlik Implementation





31-Aug-2019      Project Closure

RAG - Amber

  • Qliksense  SSO using ADFS proof of concept is in TEST - with UoE / BME to complete config and testing
  • Meeting held to discuss end-to-end solution for EDW access and authorisation from Qlik BI Tools to EDW ( will be taken forward as part of DTI049)
Report by Jamie Thin for July 2019

Achievements this period

  • Next Steps

  • Complete Qlikview Single Sign-on access using ADFS in TEST
  • Agree process to promote ADFS config to LIVE ( with ITI and other ISG teams) 
  • Complete remaining project deliverables and handover to BAU teams
  • Close project
  • Issues

  • Change of Project Manager - Geoff Cropely has finished his contract and has handed over to Jamie Thin
  • Error with ADFS config in Qliksense TEST to be resolved by UoE / BME



DTI 047 - BI Embed and Optimise






Closure:         31/08/2019


RAG - Amber

Report by Jamie Thin for July 2019

Achievements this period

  • Limited progress
  • Change of Project manager from Geoff Cropely to Jamie Thin, now Geoff has finished his contract
  • The project didn't close by 31-July, so it now expected to close early in 19-20
  • Meeting held with project team and key IS Apps stakeholder to discuss problems with EDW access and authorisation
    • short term workaround agreed, longer term solution required for full roll of BI Tools and the HR and Finance data marts


  • Need to agree long-term solution for EDW access and authorisation 

Next Steps

  • Get agreement to push the long-term solution for EDW access and authorisation into DTI049 , as this project will do the end-to-end testing of the BI Tool connection to the EDW for the new HR datamart
  • Close project 





Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

DTI046 - BI Framework


Geoff Cropley - closed