Report for April 2020

Report Date
April 2020

Programme Commentary

Overall the programme is RED

The BI Tools programme remains at RED until a new cut-down scope can be agreed for DTI047. It is proposed that this is cut back to focus on the minimum EDW service wrapper to allow the HR datamart to Go Live in Dec 2020

Automated solution for EDW access and authorisation is not urgent. Existing manual solution is robust enough for the short term. UoE are best advised not to invest in automation until future usage patterns  of EDW are better understood

Both DTI034 and DTI047 need additional funding to continue into 19/20 - this will come from the DTI BI/MI Programme and has been agreed with the DTI Portfolio Manager, Stephen Roy


Status and Forward Look at end of April 2020 ( BI Tools within wider BI/MI Programme)

BI Tools RAG to 29-April




Resource Summary to end of April 2020


BI Tools Actual spend to 29-April


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary



DTI034 - Qlik Implementation





Qlik Sense deploy to LIVE - 15-April - DONE

Qlikview CAHSS user and data migration - 22-April - DONE

Closure:         May 2020


Report by Jamie Thin for April 2020

Achievements this period

Qlik Sense deployed to LIVE on 15-April 2020 Qlik Sense pilot with GASP has started with kick-off Q&A call with supplier BME CAHSS Qlikview apps migrated in LIVE from legacy small business server to new centrally supported server



Qlikview EASE SSO in LIVE - partially completed - some snagging to be resolved 

Next Steps

Run Qlik Sense Pilot for GASP


Launch new Qlik Sense service

Supplier BME to complete Qlikview EASE SSO config in LIVE

Launch new Qlikview service

Complete remaining project deliverables and handover to BAU teams

Close project



DTI 047 - BI Embed and Optimise






End of Planning:         

May 2020



Report by Jamie Thin for April 2020

Achievements this period

proposal to extend end of planning to end of May 2020, still requires governance approval met with Susan Cooke (project sponsor) , Andrew McFarlane and Danny Emerson to agree minimum project brief to support launch of HR datamart in Dec 2020.

Now need to sell this proposal and get buy-in from key stakeholders incl Stefan Kaempf and Dave Berry  


End of Planning has been delayed to 30-May 2020


Next Steps

Dependency - Fine tune existing manual  approach for EDW access and authorisation through a small pilot with GASP ( via DTI034) 

Agree how any extra unplanned work will be funded - either as part of new phase of DTI047 , or to be delivered by a new project Complete work to launch Service wrapper for the new EDW Datamarts  as part of go-live of DTI049 Launch full EDW service wrapper to provision service requests from BI Developers and MI Analysts from across the Schools, Colleges , Support Groups and other business units Close project 

  • More time is available to complete planning now People & Money milestones have moved, and HR datamart will go-live later
  • Need the EDW access and authorisation business requirements to become more stable before any work starts on implementing the recommendations from the Options Appraisal
  • Additional business requirements need to be collected for  support of both Qliksense and Power BI
  • Need to understand how the security model will be managed for the Finance datamart - it is expected that the BI team may need to deliver multiple different datamarts for different user groups
  • Need to bid for funding to automate interim manual solution ( rough estimate 50d small project ,incl 20d effort from IS Dev services team)


RAG Commentary - RED ISSUE

Scope not yet agreed and ISG resources not assigned, End of Planning delayed , gap in resources in ISG Service Management, Business Impact - no major impact until Dec 2020 by which time the minimum EDW service wrapper must be available for the new HR Datamart, Action - propose to trim scope to minimum service wrapper for HR delivery in Dec 2020, and fit future milestones to resource availability in ISG Service Management




Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

DTI046 - BI Framework


Geoff Cropley - closed


Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
Escalated to
Susan Cooke, Project Sponsor
RAG Commentary
RED - Issues with scope of DTI047 are unresolved - limited resources to push the EDW wrapper forward , action - Jamie to schedule meeting with Project Sponsor, Susan Cooke and Head of Dev Services, Stefan Kaempf